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  1. Unfortunately, I think my time of using the XR500 has come to an end. I wish I could say DUMAOS was enticing enough for me to suffer through the bugs of the product but its just not. I have purchased an ASUS router which seems to be working perfectly fine out of the box with the QoS settings they offer. I have until May 2nd to return my XR500 so I may run some additional tests at a later time but for now it is looking like the XR500 is going to be returned. The XR500 just has too many bugs and with no phone support, it is too frustrating to work with. As a customer I suggest you guys get a support hotline and offer remote support for these routers. Thanks for your time and I hope these issues all get worked out.
  2. And before you ask, when I connect directly to the Modem (ARRIS Surfboard Sb8200) I get the same (if not more) packet loss.
  3. So i was on V2.3.2.108 and when my connection wasnt dropping, it was the best its ever been. I had no packet loss on Fortnite and was finally able to play games like COD and Apex. The catch was I was experiencing occasional drop outs on the connection. Finally I cracked and upgraded to .120.HUGE MISTAKE. back to having constant packet loss (1%-15%) on fortnite. Clearly, I am able to achieve a good connection with this router but your firmware updates are not good. I am at the point where I cannot go back and forth with this router anymore. I would love to just go back to .108 but of course, when I go to the download page its the file is corrupted. Im about to return this product. $250... You have to be a borderline networking genius to get this router to work. WHAT DO I DO?
  4. Im crossing my fingers. The past 24 hours have been okay. I am on .108 and having luck. I swapped out the power brick with the correct one that came with the router and I have not power cycled since. I am working through my issues one at a time but right now im getting no packet loss on fortnite. I am hesitant to upgrade to the newest firmware as I have seen others having issues with it.
  5. Unfortunately now my bigger fish to fry is the fact that I am still getting constant internet drops and I'm back to getting 1-20% packet loss on Fortnite. I am on version V2.3.2.108 which resolved my problems for about 4 hours. Now I am back to dropping internet during the workday and at night I have to fight packet loss. Its been proven that I can get a good connection because I did yesterday and I was totally fine with my R2. There has to be a long term solution.
  6. So great news is fortnite is running smooth with no packet loss. Amazing stuff right? Unfortunately I cannot connect to the Apex servers... I used Touch VPN and connected via a singapore connection and was able to at least get into the menu so i know the servers arent down. I disabled the GeoFilter just to test and see if i was restricting access but i am having no luck. I hate to derail the thread but maybe you can help?
  7. The firmware update seems to have fixed my problems. I’ll be playing this morning to fully test.
  8. I am going to try and connect to the modem after I update the firmware and perform a full factory reset. I’ll send a video of the net graph after when I am connected directly to the modem.
  9. Constant packet loss. 0-5 ping but constant packet loss.
  10. When I connect to my modem I have connection at the max speeds my ISP is offering. The issue is the router.
  11. Following another thread on here I attempted to downgrade the firmware to another version. Another world of headaches. I’m so deeply disappointed in this product if I can’t get this to work before I have to work tomorrow I’m going to return this. For $250 you would think the device would work flawlessly. I’ve had more luck with $150 Asus Routers. I don’t want to bash NetGear but how are so many people having the same issues and there seems to be no solution?
  12. It’s April 2021 and I am having so many issues with my router I could cry. Between the device not connecting to the internet at all to constant drop outs to packet loss. I am sending out an SOS to anyone who can actually help. I have an XR500. I would like to know 1. what firmware for this device actually works? I need a version that doesn’t drop the connection every 15 minutes. 2. How are the QoS settings different than that of the R2? I used to have an R2 but the hardware failed on me 2 times in 6 months. When the R2 worked, the experience was great. I had minimal lag and no packet loss. Now on my XR500, I have very similar QoS settings and GeoFiltering and I get consistent packet loss when I play any game.
  13. Did anyone ever find a solution to this? It's 2 years later and I am having the same issue. My upload net graph on Fortnite shows constant 1-15% packet loss with a yellow or red X at almost all time. I used to have a NetDuma R2 but 2 broke over the course of 6 months so I switched to the XR500 hoping the hardware would be better and use DumaOS. I was better off with the R2 when the hardware worked...
  14. Searching through the forums it seems that others are having this same problem: Reboot Loop and Cannot Access DumaOS Dashboard This forum post is another user who seems to be having the same exact issue as me. They are holding the reset button but instead of power cycling, for some reason the rotuer is just connecting my PC to the internet. I NEED to get the router up and running so my family can work off the Wifi. I am in desperate need of a replacement router if that is what is needed. I have emailed [email protected] to see what can be done. I am hoping for the best but please let me know if there is something else I can do on my end to fix this.
  15. This makes no sense. I just held down the "reset" button for 30+ seconds and it did not power cycle but it is connecting me to the internet. I still cannot access the interface nor do I have Wifi.
  16. I powered down the router for 10 minutes and plugged it back in. Now, my router is intermittently connecting my PC the network and then dropping the connection. The power light remains solid. The “internet” light flashes on and off and so does the “1” port for my pc. When I hold down the reset button on the back it doesn’t power cycle. What should I do now? Is the router defective? I was using it this morning with no issues and then it randomly started doing this. I made no changes to the settings prior to these issues.
  17. I reverted the changes back to automatically gather the DNS and IP information and I am able to connect again to via the ethernet. I still have no WiFi and cannot access the DumaOS software to activate the Wifi. Is there a way I can get on the phone with someone or do some sort of screenshare? I am going to have to purchase a new router if I cannot get this resolved ASAP...
  18. Also whatever settings I just changed just kicked me off the network. I am no longer connected on my PC that is connected via Ethernet to the router. I’m in desperate need of figuring this out.
  19. I have attached an image of what I entered in below. I tried to go to and I am getting the same error message.
  20. I am not sure if I am in the right spot for inputting these IP settings but it is saying it cannot save the IP settings. What am I doing wrong?
  21. This morning my connection went down and I power cycled both my router and modem thinking that would fix it. When everything booted back up, my router would connect to the internet for 2 seconds and then the connection would drop and it would continue to do this until I took a pen and help the reset button on the router for 30+ seconds. My router must have reset because I am now connected to the internet on my PC via an ethernet cable, but I cannot log into DUMAOS using dumaos/ or the IP address on the router. I receive the message attached in the post. I really need the fix to get back up and running because I work from home and tomorrow I am on the clock at 8:00. I noticed another user seems to be having the same problem as me so I do not think it is isolated to my equipment. Please let me know what I can.
  22. I too am having issues accessing the DUMAOS dashboard. My internet connection dropped this morning. I proceeded to power cycle my modem and router. No luck. I then tried to hold the “reset” button on my router. I held it for 30+ seconds. I am now connected to the internet via Ethernet cable but my WiFi is down and I cannot access the dashboard to figure any of this out. I am very frustrated as my wife needs to work and I have no WiFi. Please let me know what to do here.
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