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  1. Alright. Contrary to what kingklown mentioned above, it absolutely does not work with PC. Setting the PC to both "Laptop" or "Playstation" made no difference. I can see the users on the map with a triangle icon, indicating they're outside my zone, but they still connect anyways.
  2. Hi, Any update on this? Steamworks was deployed on Xbox today. And does this overhaul of your cloud system require DumaOS 3.0?
  3. Any updates on this please? Bungie announced that steamworks is coming to console very soon (next month or so).
  4. It was warm to the touch yes, which is why I was trying everything I could to get it back down. Didn't want it overheating/dying. I'm assuming that when the latency test (under load) is done, it artificially loads up the CPU to test latency? seems like it got stuck in this state.
  5. After several factory resets, seems the issue has subsidded. Back on .66, wont be going back to the beta until its a final release.
  6. Doesn't matter what browser or computer I try, the results are consistent.. Firmware was manually set up after factory reset, no restoring backups.
  7. Hi, I tried out DumaOS 3.0 .114, and my CPU1 is very high, consistently peaking at 100%. CPU0 is around 70-80%. This was a fresh install with factory reset (in fact, I factory reset it several times), and set it up from scratch. No matter what I do, I can't get CPU1 to go down. Downgrading back to .66 yields the same issue, there both CPU0 and CPU1 are stuck at 100%. Again, factory reset. Router is idle, theres no big upload/downloads happing, no special geofiltering is present..Any ideas? I noticed that this started happening after a Connection Benchmark froze on Ping Test (Under Load). I've since restarted the router several times, as well as factory resetting, downgrading, etc. Nothing works.
  8. Just wanted people to be aware here also, in case they're following this thread. Destiny 2 for console will be using Steam Datagram Relay (the same as PC) within the next 3 months, which will break geofiltering capabilities for consoles also. Please give this some priority, as I know many people bought DumaOS enabled products solely for this game. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Liam, please give this some priority, as consoles will be using Steam Datagram Relay in the next 3 months (if not sooner) for Destiny 2. This game was the only reason I bought this router.
  10. Hi Fraser, any update on this? we're approaching a year since this issue was initially flagged..
  11. Hi, Are there any updates/roadmaps that can be shared regarding re-enabling this functionality for Destiny 2 on PC? Thanks
  12. Hi Fraser, I tried this out and it doesnt seem to be working. Works fine on an actual console, but for PC, it's not filtering out anything. I can see the players on my geo filter map, with a triangle, indicating that they're outside my radius, yet I'm still connecting to all of them. I know setting your pc as a console worked before for me, but now it's not working any more. Ping assist is set to 0, flushed my cloud -> did this multiple times, no difference.
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