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  1. I already did a factory reset it. I have a modem/router (its a 2 in 1) that is connected to the duma router that is then connected to my pc via an ethernet cable.
  2. Yes I figured out how to download the firmware and it now has the latest version but it hasnt changed anything. Still crashing.
  3. I have now updated to the latest version as well as factory reset my pc... still get the above message in my chrome tabs and had warzone crash again where it just freezes and I have to close it with task manager. Really need help with this.
  4. I can send someone a copy of the logs if it would help. For the most part it repeatedly says "daemon.err hostapd: Failed to set beacon parameters". Also occasionally says "daemon.warn odhcpd[1585]: A default route is present but there is no public prefix on lan thus we don't announce a default route!"
  5. Here is a screenshot of what happens to my chrome browser when it happens... My game just freezes and I have to close it through task manager. This is a picture of it happening right now.
  6. Tried downloading the firmware and its says: There is no application set to open the document “DumaOS-R2-3.0.179 (1).sig”. Is there another way to download the firmware other than through that dropbox?
  7. I thought that too until it happened when i connected my laptop to it as well... Its as if the router crashes for like a second but its enough to ruin any game that I am playing.
  8. when i open chrome when this happens, it says "Error Code: Out of Memory"
  9. For some reason, I keep getting Dev error while playing. It doesnt happen every game but it happens a 2 or 3 times every couple of hours. Also, when it happens, chrome stops working and discord stops working. Only thing that seems to bring it back (SOMETIMES) is by turning off the geo filter and even then discord still doesnt always come back and I have to restart my pc. This did not happen the first week I had it but its been happening consistently the last 3 days. I have tried rebooting and factory resetting the router but it doesnt fix it. Please help! Tired of having 20+kills then getting a Dev Error.
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