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  1. Done and done will see next day if something changed. My Setup is my ISP Modem (no idea of the brand this one ) than the Netduma going via LAN to my PC and the PS5 rest like Phone is connected via Wi-Fi
  2. Hi Got my Netduma R2 last Friday and after a quick setup it was working fine. But since Monday it freezes up and is not letting me connect to the internet or the dumaos/ (Gateway ip does als not work) Time is random yesterday it was around 6 pm today around 2pm. The only thing i can do than is to restart the router and than it works fine again. Same thing via Wi-Fi and LAN it's like you are not even connected to anything. This is a new error since i switched to the Netduma with my old router everything was working fine.! Thanks in advance
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