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  1. Yea this Hybrid Modem/wifi is nice but Verizon charges me a monthly fee for using there router I think I read in a post in the past that I can use a Moca and call verizon to make it go through the USB port 🤷‍♂️
  2. Hi guys, Just got my R2 in the mail , I have Verizon fios and my wireless router is my modem, I know I need a moca adapter and I need to call Verizon to do something but I don’t know what , is this really the method or is there another? Also what’s the best moca adapter for this setup I’ve seen the moca 2.5 gocoax look promising but not sure, any help will be greatly appreciated 🙏🙏 Cheers
  3. Hey guys Im really tired of connecting to servers outside NYC, will I be able to use Duma 3.0 to block servers outside NY ? The game is very dead on late nights so it tends to want to send me far away at awkward times NYC my ping is around 1-3ms ping East coast 8-12ms ping Cali 30-40ms ping mexico 50-60ms ping anything further 80+ms I’m running Verizon Fios and wondering if this product would help in my PC /Xbox
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