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  1. Managed to set it up by simply connecting the routers up and doing the lan setup, everything is good so far
  2. Hi I’ve moved to zen now no more virus media for me I have a Fritzbox7530 any idea how to connect the gaming router as I’ve plugged it all in but no internet connection comes through on the xr500 even though the lights are on
  3. I’ll give this a test as I’ve always had the gaming router in, on occasion when I have gone back to the hub only the issue isn’t there, but i will test it later on today
  4. Nothing it was all clear, i’m the only one using the internet now on the main tv and the quality is dropping. Every now and again and then it will pause and resume after a minute
  5. Had a look nothing to show at the moment here’s the monitor of the broadband The red lines twice were resets but two little boots further on is packet loss any advice? ive had a go with virgin media already they offered a new deal but i’m sticking with ultra low latency with zen, something virgin can’t provide https://www.thinkbroadband.com/broadband/monitoring/quality/share/1faa49ca6eeb7a5085a409d490458fe81aa2aad0-10-06-2021
  6. ok just put the xr into the dmz will monitor for now, the extender is my own one just tried to redownload the same file same issue, i have noticed this when downloading software updates on the ps5 as well it would take forever considering im on a 100/10 package the wifi is off on the main router, only wifi is through the xr500 all devices are connected through the xr500
  7. i know its there in the setttings and i've used it but idk why they said they dont support port forwarding lol even from my home network? the first to clearly show packet loss? hub has not been in dmz at the moment. qos has been switched off for a while, internet hangs a lot and youtube quality drops a lot! its up and down consistently broadband quality monitor is over the top for minimum latency too. download is via wifi but im right next to the wifi extender
  8. as above just another issue, virgin media told me to take the third party router off and to use their own.. they've mentioned they dont support port forwarding either man am i screwed, thankfully joining zen in 11 days but until then i cant live with the packet loss also my downloading to do a simple 200mb file takes about an hour where it is downloading at a mere 7.8kbs per second what is going on?
  9. they disappear for a few minutes then start again every few minutes, on a regular so like on dsl reports every now and again the results would show for upload ms to be 200+-2000+ ms on ping plotter to the servers i play on the latency would jump from like 35 increase to 50-60 then spike to 100-300 at most times then drop again, at times the spikes have shown up to 1000+ i've gone back to modem mode it makes fifa playable, for some reason the game just doesnt perform when in router mode and connected to the xr500, im out of contract with VIRUS media in a month so changing im praying the issues will decrease, but is there anything i can do in the meanwhile about the spikes
  10. its just dhcp, qos starts working after a reboot, but until i reboot it at times any changes i make wont stick.
  11. here you go, qos once again not working set as 70/70 dsl showing full upload speed, should be at 7mbs instead, made more changes to qos, continues to stay stuck as same speeds,
  12. on dsl reports with ethernet into my pc ill get lag spikes up to 2000ms its unreal.
  13. i play on the ps5 but not the next gen version, just the current gen. next gen is way worse for me anything i can do about the packet loss im getting from the bqm?
  14. no its just the xr500 connected to the virgin media router. simply dont understand all this, fifa is like unplayable after 1-2 games in.
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