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  1. That is all I get, searching for a game and while in the menu
  2. I tried that, deleted the device that is not being used. As you can see in the image attached server pops up, it disappears after a few seconds and then comes back but don't get anything on auto ping.
  3. One is wired connection the other is wireless. My PC is wired and wifi is off
  4. I'm on PC. There's two PC devices because for some reason I get two so I add them both and I set them up as console following suggestions
  5. That's he thing, I do have filtering on. My fear is that what if the router is just broken. Should I return it? I would love to try the new update but there's no release date yet right?
  6. I didn't get the first NETGEAR error this time. First photo is the Flush error. Second photo is after refreshing after a minute and in the game Cold War
  7. Thanks for replying! I tried that multiple times but it still won't let me flush the cloud. Also now when I log in to routerlogin I get this error message: NETGEAR SOAP RPC called failed
  8. I'm having the same issue but with Cold War. Don't have anything on Auto ping area, no servers show up. Also have nil ion the values. I've tried all the options mentioned above but nothing worked. It's not letting me do the Flush, it says "this operation is taking longer than expected" and closes. Wondering if it's a router issue or dumaOS, it feels like it needs updates or something. I am running the latest Firmware available
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