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  1. The tagging didn't work with these values. All in all - I don't think the XR even needs to interact with the IPTV in any case. It's not practical to me at all to have a router that limits your TV, what's the point. It's just a mere 8-10mbps traffic from 94mbps in this case so there is no way this affects gaming at all, especially if you can set up QoS for the console for example on 70% of 90 mbps for example. Anyways, I have like 3 devices at home and we are just two of us. I will read more about the setup I made here cus it's still a bit foggy to me, but I think we can close this one if you don't have any other worries for me. tl;dr: I put a switch in front of XR and IPTV, so: Internet Cable => Switch port1 Switch port 2 => XR300 WAN port Switch port 3 => IPTV Box
  2. Yeah but because it can't catch the iptv traffic, right? And I don't want it to. Btw it's not the isp hardware, it's just a switch I have at home, the internet cable is directly in it now so no ISP hardware at all, that's why I am a bit surprised. I will try the tagging tomorrow. You are the man Fraser! Thanks. Will keep you updated so we can close this one.
  3. @Netduma Fraser, I have a workaround. I had a switch laying around, tp-link, unmanaged one. Plugged internet cable in port 1, cable to XR300 in 2 and cable to IPTV box in 3. They all work, I removed the bridge and I get the good speeds and good television. Why does this work I don't know. I think I have to dig a bit into unmanaged switches and read more on this. In any case, I don't think this setup is any different to having the internet cable directly into the XR300, right? Edit: I read and I don't understand why this works perfectly. Everybody says ISP gives one IP address (which is correct in my case), so why I can plug the cable into port 1 and use port 2 for XR300 and port 3 for the IPTV box. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ
  4. OK so I just figured out this was resetting when I was unticking and ticking the "Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection" option while I was trying to figure things out on the router. I realized this because of another thread that Fraser is helping me in So that's the answer ๐Ÿ˜
  5. Sorry but this is a nightmare for me! I just had to restart it by the hardware button this time. So nvm, back to it: So I did both these settings in WAN but it was the same. This is how I do the Bridge. I can't get it to work at all by using "By VLAN tag group". What is interesting is now taht even with the bridge I am getting 75-80mbps for both DL and UP. So what's really weird is how the speeds move hand by hand depending on the bridge settings - 94/94 when turned off and 75-80/75-80 when on. And btw - ticking and unticking "Disable port and dos protection" resets the VLAN / Bridge Settings.
  6. I disabled port scan and dosn protection and now I can't access the router via wifi or ethernet. Writing from my phone... Lost 6 hours of my time today on this overall. Should I reset it for thr nth time?
  7. There wasn't anything in it telling me the speed. It just said "applying settings" and redirected me back after a while. But I can tell you that from the nighthawk app on my phone (I use the speed test thingy there) I am getting the correct speeds when I don't use the bridge option and I do get like half of that when I use bridging. Also - just using bridge on a port alone makes that happening, I don't even have to have a cable plugged into it, if that helps.
  8. It's disabled from the menu, I ticked the option, but the speeds are still low 40-50mbps instead of 94 if not bridged.
  9. Thanks for the response Fraser! I am not worried about it taking any traffic. The ISP is not one I want to talk to. The whole problem is that their router is faulty so I don't want to use it at all, and I am sure they won't want to replace it. And I don't think the IPTV setbox is actually taking this much traffic - it usually takes about 8MBits. It is definitely either the hardware or the OS of the router. I've looked at other threads about this. Is this actually a problem with NetDuma?
  10. Hello, In order for my IPTV to work I have to bridge to that port. But when I do so, and the IPTV works perfectly, the download/upload speeds are horrific - 50-60% less than normal. They are completely fine without the bridge settings. Is there a solution to this or a workaround? Thanks!
  11. Hello, There is a huge problem with the router - the WAN ports stopped working. They are all lighted in orange (Cat 5E 1Gbps cables) and my devices cannot obtain IP addresses. Wi-Fi is completely fine! It's defaulting to 169.254... or something like that. I haven't changed a single setting. DHCP option is checked as well. Tried the previous firmware to the latest one. Tried unticking DHCP, tried resetting the router - nothing works. Please help me!
  12. Chrome latest version. They do and it works for like a day or so. Yeah, the page does refresh, the whole router restarts as 90% of the settings in the interface.
  13. Hello, I am putting the following settings in place, but this resets randomly (or at least it seems it's random). What happens after a while is that the Enable VLAN / Bridge Setup option is unticked. How can we debug this and figure out what's going on? Is this a known issue? I found an old thread but didn't contain any useful info, and not even sure if it's the same issue.
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