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  1. Hello, thank you for the quick feedback. I got the R2 especially for Fifa. I was hoping that I would get better and more playable gameplay. I am from Germany and have set the Geo Filter to the Frankfurt servers. I also get opponents with 13-14 ping but it doesn't play like that. I am disadvantaged by one-sided delay. With the opponent it runs smoothly. Don't get me wrong, the R2 works in the sense that it blocks certain servers and you get opponents from close by. It's just that there is no advantage for us. As the previous speaker wrote, sometimes you have playable gameplay but very rarely and not at all consistently. With qos I have A+ everywhere and with dsl reports the test also shows me A+ with bufferbloat. I just think that some people benefit from their geographical location and therefore have good gameplay all the time. Sorry for my bad English.
  2. „i tried all the possibe conbinations in the setting , sometimes you will get the feeling that it is great , but after 1-2 days it will disspear.“ 100% agree with you
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