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  1. Hey I can't get into the software. Tried safari and google chrome. On the latest Firmware Any known issues?
  2. You'd think it would be easier finding a game at night, more people on. Sat and left it searching for 20mins there but nothing.
  3. Is activation blocking us if you play in high ping severs too often? I played 3 matches in south africa earlier today, im from UK. Ping was 180ms but I was able to play fine. All 3 games were bronze lobbies with average KD 0.4 - 0.6 HAHA. Now it's not finding games, searching 10mins at a time and not getting into a match.
  4. Hey guys Is there way to tell if geo filter is even working or what server you are playing on? Ive noticed its pings locations on geo filter even when your not in a game, just sitting in main lobby and not searching for a game.
  5. Cheers liam, model No. TL-WA850RE
  6. Hey everyone I've just got the R2 and in the process of connecting all my devices to the R2. My virgin 3.0 hub is now in modem mode. My Ring Doorbell needs a wifi extender because its outside and doesn't reach router location,, struggling to figure out how to connect the extender to the Netduma, any help would be appreciated ! TP link tell me to press WPS Button on the router but I can't see any on the R2, only a reset.
  7. Is there a list of warzone servers and what times some turn on and off at?
  8. Is there any servers near UK that are worth geo filtering too for easier warzone games? I get the high ping thing so I wouldnt want to go too far away. I keep seeing vidoes of American players playing in the west and getting more below average kd matches with stable ping.
  9. Does the 1000 and R2 have same Duma software as standard?
  10. Hey guys looking for advice on what router to get. Been looking at the R2 and netgear XR1000 (double the price) currently I have virgin 350mb with the standard hub. I have some what of a smart home, 13 devices including, ring doorbell, philips hue lights, amazon devices, laptops phones etc. Im purely wanting to upgrade for cod warzone advantages. Would like to get close servers for lowest ping or bot lobbies in different areas. Also would like to redirect speeds to xbox over other devices. I work from home and cant have my connection drop all the time. I have work laptop, gaming laptop and xbox series x all hardwired via ethernet. Is there any issues with R2 that would cause my set up problems? Is XR1000 worth extra cash? Is R2 going to be the better choice for software advancement? Is there any other routers that would suit me? Thanks in advance
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