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  1. Hey Fraser, gave it a try and it's working as It was a few weeks back, really wish I had posted sooner as I've lost so much time just waiting haha! Thanks again mate
  2. Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Will give this a test within the next 5/10minutes
  3. I'm in the UK and used to force servers over in US due to the massive reduction in hackers, it would take a while to find a game but almost 80/90% of the time I would get one. The past few weeks I can't even force a server waiting for 20+mins, even tried putting the geo filter round England and still would not find one I've done all the closing everything down, re-adding the device and waiting 2mins etc. Added an imagine of the Geo-filter below, the server blocked I think is an authentication server as it used to show as allowed even outside of the filter Not too sure if activation have tried something to stop people from searching in other areas, but I'm open to ideas on what I can try
  4. Thanks, how do i find traffic prioritization? Can only find controller
  5. Hi all, Had a try with the rules that some people have suggested, have i added them correctly? The geo filter doesn't seem to work with these enabled. Thanks
  6. Spot on thanks for your reply mate just managed to set it up, Just a question if you don't mind, are you still using the geo filter with the hybridvpn when searching for a game? I've tried both ways and some reason can't find anything. Tried the vpn on its own in US for miami and never found a match
  7. Haven't actually played since the new update, will give it a try at some point and see if i notice a difference thanks
  8. thanks for your reply, I already have a vpn with private internet access, any idea how i go about getting the config file for the hybrid vpn? thanks
  9. Sorry for the late reply, I have it covering the full east coast. I'm just assuming it's down to warzones end as I'm joining with higher ping etc. Thanks for the response
  10. Hi all, I'm from the UK and have started to use the geo filter in US east, mainly due to never running into any hackers compared to EU, I can deal with the ping so it's not too bad. The only issue is it can take about 5+ mins to join a lobby, and then after the game it may never connect with a geo filter restart etc. Just wondering if there's anything I can try to speed up the server connections, I'm assuming it more on Warzone's end though Thanks
  11. Over the past few days I've seen a few streamers with shadow bans also, from what I've read it may have something to do with the 60k bans they done the other day. I believe majority of them are errors, don't take my word for it though just posting what I've read/seen
  12. Ahj right, I didn't know that Uploaded an image below mate, thanks
  13. I must have a new version of the Dumaos as my settings are different to how you shown above
  14. Hi, I've been connecting to US servers recently as I find a big reduction in hackers, but since yesterday I've been having an issue with the filtering Even though I have filtering on so shouldn't be connecting to any servers outside of the radius it shows an allowed server in Poland, and haven't been able to connect to any US servers at all
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