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  1. So I found using the reboot feature in software made it work again..I guess it's just a bug
  2. So I have been trying to get the geo filter to work for my pc. I have auto ping and strict mode enabled with ping assist 27-30 I'm connecting to lobbies from 35-44 ping still. I'm going off the ping from dumaos not in-game. I have my pc with a console type but it's still allowing me to connect outside my state of florida. Is it working or am I doing something wrong
  3. this what my geo filter looks like after firmware update...i also cant move my home point to my area or draw in polygon mode. it is stuck over EU
  4. ingame panel. at start menu it says looking for greater than 43 ping and continues into 90s. actually in game is between 43 and 70. i assume the in game may not be accurate
  5. i recently purchased an r2 router i have set my radius around my closest server 20ms ping +/- and ping assit on 30 but i am still getting lobbies anywhere from 43ms to 70ms wondering if im doing something wrong. i have strict mode and auto ping enabled. i am on PC.
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