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  1. no I havent, I went in and deleted all of the allowed servers list - was not sure if it was causing the problem so I deleted them. will try and add them back on as I play.
  2. Still happened on 60, I turned ping assist off and I was not having a problem. But didnt play that long to really test it out. Its odd, my teammates also cant hear me when this happens - when the lag is introduced.
  3. Didn't get a chance to get on last night but should be hoping on later today. - I set the GEO Filter distance to 69, dropped the search circle in the pacific ocean and set my lag to 30 ping. Saw a video on that to help with long lobby waits and it has been working great for a few months. But now I'm having this lag issue mid game in Warzone. I'm curious if the game is switching servers or hosts in the game and maybe its a higher ping then I have set and my router is fighting it.
  4. Hi, I didn't have my phone handy as I was kicking and screaming while it was happening in game lol. I will try and get a picture of it tonight if I get a chance to get on. It was in the section of the GEO filter that gives me the option to allow certain servers and shows the tick rate and ping of the server I am on - while i was having the issue that section went from telling me the info on the server to Server Disconnect, then once I came back online and found my player dead it showed reconnected to the server - The ping in game did not move as far as what I can see in my upper left corner of my in game screen which shows the computer stats like FPS ( I run two monitors one with the game and other with Netduma GEO filter). The Adblocker is the one from the NetDuma Router, I dont have anything other then that for an Adblocker.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out. Lately I have been getting some pretty bad lag mid game in warzone. Not noticing a problem with my internet anywhere else and when I'm doing a internet test I'm getting an A+ in all three categories. I have my GEO search on and set to 69 miles and 30 ping. WHen I look in the Geo Filter lower right which shows me the current ping of the server it says - lost server connection. Its been happening intermittently lately and seems to be getting worse. Happened in game on a 3 V 4 and when it cleared up i died in the gas. Anyhow just looking for any possible issues to get help with. I also noticed that I had my AD Blocker on my PC - not sure if that would mess with anything in game. Lastly I am hardwired directly to the netduma r2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Any updates to this ? YouTube is stuck in a loading screen for my Apple TV
  7. Not sure what’s happening , I have the latest 205 update. I’ve rebooted several times, rebooted modem with Service provider on phone. Modem and service are fine. Getting a “I caught failed to get rap store product information error.” Under systems I’ve changed installed rapps to 5 . I’ve done factory reset as well. Nothing is working. under system information the WAN IP is showing disconnected i also have an error saying cloud data has not been downloaded - make sure you have internet connection and click force update - I click force update and it says the servers are down. i factory reset again now I’m able to get online on my pc that’s hard wired - however nothing can connect to the router
  8. Just rebooted now getting an rpc error " error_validation': Validation failed for "IPS" I was getting it on the GEO Filter page - seems to be working now
  9. HI I keep getting this error since the 3.0.205 update (Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in one min) Can you please help with this. I currently have the rapp setting in system info set to 5
  10. ok, i just went under installed rapps and changed the number from 3 to 5> I have Rd 3.0.179 currently. Has there been an update? I checked and thought I saw that this was still the latest
  11. ok, i just went under installed rapps and changed the number from 3 to 5> I have Rd 3.0.179 currently. Has there been an update? I checked and thought I saw that this was still the latest
  12. HI, I'm not getting this error on my router. The day started with the router dropping internet a few times. I have rebooted my modem and Router several times, finally got the internet back but now getting this error. What does it mean and how to I fix it?
  13. Just saw that Call of duty is not supported for the Filtering mode settings on PC. Is there a workaround?
  14. FINALLY Figured it out DCHP was not enabled for ethernet. - for windows 10 right click windows button , select network and internet, highlight status and click on network trouble shooter. Then they give two options - it was the one that said for all other problems I believe but don't remember entirely. Click on that and then it guides you the rest of the way. Figured it was that then asked if I wanted it to fix it. I did and WALA! Now i just need to figure out how to use the ping feature for Call of duty on pc says its not supported but i think there may be a work around.
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