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  1. Just saw that Call of duty is not supported for the Filtering mode settings on PC. Is there a workaround?
  2. FINALLY Figured it out DCHP was not enabled for ethernet. - for windows 10 right click windows button , select network and internet, highlight status and click on network trouble shooter. Then they give two options - it was the one that said for all other problems I believe but don't remember entirely. Click on that and then it guides you the rest of the way. Figured it was that then asked if I wanted it to fix it. I did and WALA! Now i just need to figure out how to use the ping feature for Call of duty on pc says its not supported but i think there may be a work around.
  3. so I logged into the duma os on my pc and duma os is crashed and wont connect.... my pc is hardwired to the duma.... Can someone get on a call or online chat so we can touble shoot this once and for all. This should not have taken three plus days to fix
  4. No they are showing different Mac addresses and different ip
  5. So I page refreshed it, it was hard wired to the router during update. Once that happened it showed the correct update of 179. I then did a factory reset. When it came back up I was able to connect via wifi to my macbook. Then I turned my pc on which is hard wired . The dumaos is still showing my pc as two separate devices . It’s showing on my pc as ethernet connected unidentified network. I’ll try and upload some screen shots . On pic johnnys pc and pc2 are the same device
  6. Hi @Netduma Fraser, I'm doing the update but it seems to be stuck in the upgrade in progress (this could take up to two minutes wait till page refreshes page). Its been on that for 45 minutes. Obviously a lot longer then the two minute. Is that normal or should I refresh it?
  7. I received my Device yesterday and that update is from last october. Did the device not come with that update already installed?
  8. Hi I just got my r2 today. The password was wrong for starters - I finally got that all figured out by getting my laptop and plugging that in, for whatever reason it would not allow me to log into dumaos from my PC even though I'm hard wired. So the ethernet is is working for internet explorer and Google Chrome however it wont work for my gaming software like steam or blizzard. DUMAOS is showing that i have both a pc and an unnamed device. The unnamed device is showing hardwired. The pc Is showing wifi. Its the same device.... and if i turn off the wifi it will not work for gaming only for search engines like internet explorer. Was really hoping this would be plug and play but its been a bit of a hassle.
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