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  1. Im not sure why the router has been messing up lately. When Im watching a stream it will buffer every second or when im using my phone it will take forever to load up a page because of the Wifi. Whats going on with this damn router? Im about to go buy a new router and replace this. Once I connect a ethernet it wont buffer so its not my internet.
  2. I tried that and it still didn’t stop the disconnections. The disconnections are less but it occurs every day still and I still get them. It’s not fun playing a round of warzone and randomly getting disconnected every hour.
  3. All this fucking router does is lose internet every day. Such a waste of my money. I’ll be playing warzone or browse the internet and my router will stop working. I always have to restart the router. I’m putting my router away because it’s a liability and just disconnects my internet every day.
  4. Its the Hitron CODA. I am testing it using the connection benchmark on the Netduma. I am using the newest firmware, which is the 205. I changed the DHCP settings but my internet still went out.
  5. Lately my internet keeps going out for my netduma. Its not just the WIFI that stops working. When I plug in an ethernet from netduma to my computer it also loses internet connection. When I connect my ISP modem to my computer it works fine. I also get lots of packet loss when testing my internet connection on my netduma. When I play warzone I get constant lag now but when I connect my ps5 to my ISP modem I dont lag as much. I lose internet connection every couple hours on my netduma.
  6. I did a factory reset on my router and set up my router but when I try to connect to the wifi it is saying cannot connect to network. How do I fix this?
  7. Look at my servers Im getting. Im getting awful servers and they lag like crazy. When I turn on geofilter it doesnt put me on any server. Whats the point of a Netduma if Warzone servers only work good for 4 days and then they mess up for another 3 weeks until its fixed?
  8. Any updates? Im now on 49 successful servers and 39 failed servers. Also, do I have to flush cloud to update? I dont have the flush cloud button anymore, I only have the resync cloud but Im getting an error when I try to resync cloud. Not exactly sure what the resync cloud button does though.
  9. Thank you guys for everything you do !
  10. So does this mean this is going to be a regular weekly thing? The servers last weekend were amazing and now theyre all gone..
  11. Hey guys, Im not sure why when I go to my ping heatmap I usually get 24 failed servers for Warzone. How do I fix this? I had more servers available last weekend and now those servers arent showing up on the ping heatmap anymore.
  12. So pretty much get the R2 WAN IP, and then log on to the ISP model and add that to the DMZ?
  13. Can someone please explain bridge mode and how I can put my router on bridge mode? I had technicians come in regarding my internet and were saying that havin two routers is bad for my internet connection and that I need to put my router on bridge mode.
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