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  1. It wouldn't allow my game to play at all when I selected it in geo-filter?? 😕 not a gamer friendly router accept maybe to the very few on the list. Over a million people play World of Warships, It really should be on the list.
  2. Also,,,Do I need to sign in to DumaOS and leave it running in background for it to be effective or does it just set parameters as final until changed??
  3. I have no idea how to even begin doing it?? I would really like it to be a priority target in profile like the other selected games. I'm really wondering also why it isn't already as popular as it is?? What exactly do I need to do to make it priority when I play World of Warships or, any game not existing on that list ??? I'm not very computer savvy, I just want things to work as they should ,lol
  4. It would be great if I could just click on a profile for XR 500 ?? I don't know how to add new profile if that's the case??
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