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  1. I turned off IPV6 on the WAN and fixed the same issue for me - im using virgin with superhub in modem mode.
  2. I play and use a netduma, i get no advantage im still rubbish but i get a decent connection haha
  3. @Netduma Fraser Turned off ipv6 on the wan options not had an issue since
  4. Ah good as long as its being looked at i guess you can test it too but if it happens every 12 hours is seems it is il have to just switch back to old router till its sorted
  5. That isnt a fix really...i had a netgear in for 3 years with no issues at all in modem mode - since my connection went in 6 years ago its been in modem mode 5. attached a new log pre rebooting the netduma to get me back on. log-1610120173930.txt
  6. To add to this, it would be nice to see which devices are using the QOS (Congestion rules) - so if ive chosen gaming as my majority for QOS then see which device is using that (and then i know why my file transfer for work is slow as someone is gaming) Ive turned off the main rule on Traffic Prioritization (its an S by the way not a Z) and added my devices separate so i can monitor which is activating the Congestion rules.
  7. No its in modem mode, Ive never ran it in router mode the software is too crap
  8. noticed the log file doesnt cover the previous times to the reboot?
  9. Log file attached for this one, it was around 11pm Internet went off for everything, restarted the netduma all came back up - i was running a netgear r8000 previous to this with no disconnection issues while using the internet in over 2 years on virgin. Running the newest firmware installed today. log-1610061609666.txt
  10. Ah ok thanks, loving the router so far though
  11. I just get 1% in each slider now, the update before it seemed to give a better result for me?
  12. Its on most routers and for example FTP connection - you would allow the IP you know connecting to the FTP server so stop random attacks from external source. You normally have the option to leave blank or * for any source IP, but the option to actually give an ip too is needed.
  13. I dont see advanced in that window or id of clicked it Just network settings, port forwarding for me?
  14. When you set a port forward rule you should be able to set a source IP as well as a port - so if i know who is connecting to me it only allows that IP to connect on that port, not just any external IP. The rule should look like this Name Source IP (enter ip of remote host or have "any") Destination IP Incoming Ports Outgoing Ports Protocol
  15. when is this being added?
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