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    i am so mad that the update we have been waiting for did nothing still same problems and by the looks of it its not just me with problems but with all respect you guys asking the same questions to everyone but rarely a real fix i understand that you have to figure out what the customer is using with his router but after that is its the same things from if customer stating same problem and after a while customer says same problem no replys. i am using netgear nighthawk cm1200 and my internet constantly dying and if not dying its lagging it makes me so mad whenever i want to play i just use my hotspot. this has been in my opinion the worst router i have ever used i think i might just pay the monthly fee for a Comcast oneĀ  at this point since you cant get a refund. this is so sad the videos make it sound like the fastest router ever its the exact opposite people cant even get the whole 1g speed they pay for. i expected more but it is what it is. how many logs did i provide and how much information i provide i end up no where same problem every time.
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