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  1. its been more than 2 weeks i thought to give it time but its whatever im not trippin over it just annoyed im sure you would be too if you paid 175 for a "gaming" router. but lesson learned never buy anything for "gaming".
  2. i have fixed the problem with a new router a 65$ router that is getting a faster speed then the duma. the TP-LINK AC1750 after i installed this router i have 0 problems no lagg no having to restart it everyday like 3 times. i feel like i been scammed lol this is so bad i msg you about a refund but you probably act like u didint see it but i see why you guys dont do refunds you would have to take almost all of them back. i just couldnt take it anymore it was so bad by far worst router i have ever bought.
  3. all my settings are default settings since i rest it. i will try to disable mirror mode and i will also disable IPV6 and i will test it today and let you know.
  4. when i connect to the modem i have no problems i used to have a nighthawk router but i gave it to my friend when i got my duma router because i thought i bought a better one but i am pretty sure this is a router problem the lag happens over wifi and cable me and my 2 brothers all lag all the time 2 pcs wired and on is on wifi. even the tv sometimes if the wifi does not go down it would stutter a lot also YouTube videos stutter but not always with the tv and yt but while gaming i have always noticed lag.
  5. i have made my own posts but still here anyways, it happens on wifi and wired and its only on the router since i have tested the modem on 2 different pc for about 24hr each i did not disconnect nor i was lagging. when i am playing a game and i have my net graph on my packet loss is just up down up down nono stop all day when it goes down it goes down for all wifi and wired and the dumaos says it has encounter a critical error. i have factory reset many times nothing helps i have disabled almost all the settings nothing so the last time i factory reset (today) i just left it alone i gave up i spent so much time trying im not sure its worth anymore since i have been using my hotspot for the past 2 weeks.
  6. i am so mad that the update we have been waiting for did nothing still same problems and by the looks of it its not just me with problems but with all respect you guys asking the same questions to everyone but rarely a real fix i understand that you have to figure out what the customer is using with his router but after that is its the same things from if customer stating same problem and after a while customer says same problem no replys. i am using netgear nighthawk cm1200 and my internet constantly dying and if not dying its lagging it makes me so mad whenever i want to play i just use my hotspot. this has been in my opinion the worst router i have ever used i think i might just pay the monthly fee for a Comcast one at this point since you cant get a refund. this is so sad the videos make it sound like the fastest router ever its the exact opposite people cant even get the whole 1g speed they pay for. i expected more but it is what it is. how many logs did i provide and how much information i provide i end up no where same problem every time.
  7. this problem has been happening since i got this router and i am so sick of it theres no point in me putting logs or anything here since theres no fix for it. tbh i just wanna return this router im over it.
  8. sure thing okay i have just put it to 5 thanks.
  9. you guys are lucky i started with the most now im here even if i restart or reset i haven't changed a thing on this setup it changed up on me.
  10. yes sir i got Ethernet but when i do test and speeds and connection if it goes down on both wifi too they are very close. those settings i have not touched at all and they were all off from the start. the menu also does this sometimes this fixes it self but usually not i have to restart to go back on the menu but the internet works.
  11. that's weird i didn't open it before i got it from my phone app before i rest it so it wouldn't wipe it just in case. disabling it or any other setting does not change the max speed but i did notice sometimes it would change how fast the speed test would take to reach 200 with everything off sometimes is faster but not always im not sure what to tell you its just random one day its fine one day its not.😕
  12. i do both tests speed test and the one in the benchmark menu its pretty close i have tried to connect my PC to the modem and i get full ISP (800-900D) speed when i put it thru r2 i get around 200 on good day about 100 avg my upload speed doesn't change i always get 41 even on the modem. regarding the menu crash and internet working i restarted it and it worked i am using latest firmware i have the logs from the crash also if that helps. also i have turned of QOS also i used auto detect settings for both left it there its been stable but slow. dumaos-log-210213125702.log
  13. speeds are never consistent now whatever i do. im lucky if i get 300 from my 900 but apparently that's not a big deal it doesn't slow download times at all. the screen shot is when the os crashed but internet was still working barley but working. the logs is when it was down with no internet at all and had to restart couple times. im sorry guys im trying to live with this but should i just get another router for the time being idk what to do this is driving me crazy. log-1612201849552.txt log-1612201300107.txt
  14. facts seems like only 2 people are working on the update...
  15. just had the same problem but at another time im not sure anymore im just going to wait and see if it fixes it self
  16. yes all the above and i tested with comcast website google and speed test on google chrome,fire fox, exprl. i had to downloaded both updates i put the old one then i factory reset then did the same with the new one and it came back to normal that was really weird because it was working fine before then all the sudden it happen. only took 6hrs to fix
  17. my internet speed went down from 900D 41U to 400D and .60U i have tried everything was on the phone with comcast for 2 hours nothing factory reset modem and router, restarted both about 6 times changed settings nothing. we may be rushing you guys for an update but it looks like you rushed it from the start and this has been by far the worst router ive had i had so many problems with my netjunk but i will take that any day over this. i might sound mad but i am because this was not a cheap 50$ router and i appreciate all the support from you guys in the fourms but its just not good i have been trying to play for over 5 hours now i just dont know what to do anymore.
  18. yup it was on 12 before but they changed it to 48
  19. yes sir ever since then it has gotten better but not perfect before it was like on a scheduled to do it at 10am everyday but now its fine but sometimes i would say maybe 3 times a week i would have to restart. thanks
  20. yes i went through most the pages on the forum and tried everything but no luck so far i can live it but i just wanna provide asmuch reports as i can so hopefully it gets fixed soon. thanks
  21. so i have posted a couple times before with no luck still having the same issue but when it crashed today i opened the mobile app to see if i can see the dashboard from there and it asked to export a crash log i did its a .log file idk what to do with it but im gonna put here maybe you can help me out please the internet cut out about 2-4 mins before i got that crash report. im connected by wire but even wireless goes down and also another problem started happening last night i have qos on and everything but when there were 2 tvs on and 3 pcs the internet became very unstable every game was unplayable and my voice on discord was robot voice. my internet speed is 900/41 . netgear router i hit close to 900 all the time best i can get with duma is around 840 i could care less about the little speed gone if it didnt come with so many issues. please we need fix sentcrash.log
  22. hello so ive seen alot of posts about this problem and i have made my own post and still mines i have to reset every day i was told to change my ip lease time to one week instead of 24 hrs and no luck there, im just wondering if alot of people are having this problem and i understand its not easy fix but if you put a feature to auto restart whenever u want it just restarts for now i think alot of people will be okay with that fix because its getting really annoying especially when you are in class
  23. no settings i can mess with just just info i sent you a screen shot of the page maybe i missed something thanks.
  24. hi i have CM1200 modem connected to my r2 and i have Ethernet cable to my pc and its pure modem no wifi only router i have is the r2 but when it cuts out i just have to restart the r2 not the modem i tried to go into my modem settings to put to static ip but it doesn't really let you do much there i can provide screen shots of the modem page if that will help
  25. every morning around 10 am est time i have to restart my router because nothing can connect to it it just says no internet i restart it its fine i have no idea why its doing this i tried everything and sometimes everything gets supperlaggy ping over like 5k on discord for a moment this is the whole reason i switched from my garbage netgear router it was doing the lag but not the disconnect PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO.
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