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  1. You don’t need a netduma for that, just join with me and you’ll get your easier lobbies 😂
  2. So I've been searching using the search bar up top for best port forwarding for Warzone on PS4 however I've been reading multiple topics with different ports. Can someone clarify which ports I should be opening or link me to the topic with best results on this?
  3. Killcams aren't what really happened, they're a simulation of what the game thinks happened using all the data it was able to grab in the small amount of time and translate that into a small clip to show you. They aren't exact.
  4. If we take Frasers word, which I do and it has nothing to do with the router I can only suspect it’s a bug on Activision side. I play on PlayStation and as far as I’m aware there are no injection programs for Call of Duty on console, I’ve never done a glitch in the game so that rules that out. There seems to be many complaints on the warzone Activision forum. https://support.activision.com/community/s/topic/0TO4P000000R49bWAC/call-of-duty-warzone
  5. I play on PS4 and today I realise I’ve been shadow banned. Is this something to do with the router?
  6. So, I’ve tried to send 5mbps to my PC and 5 to my PS4 it’s still bouncing around 209, I’ve seen it hit 999ms at some points. I turned geo filter off. I usually get around 40-60ms on warzone. As soon as I hit stream the latency blows up.
  7. Hi, I thought I’d try stream however my ingame latency goes through the roof. Jumps up to around 150-200. I have 100/10 Down/Up. 5000bitrate for 720p 60fps I sent 8upload directly to my PC to allow for streaming and kept 0.5 for warzone. any tips?
  8. Curious which situation you all think has the greater advantage when it comes to peekers advantage, gunfights etc with high Vs low ping
  9. I've played a few times, it takes a loooong time to find a lobby with enough players.
  10. Just a heads up, some games actually turn servers off in remote locations, no point having it on wasting money if the player base is small and only hindered even more during certain hours e.g. 3-5am their time. Also you have polygon markers around other locations when you only want Spain and Germany?
  11. Just a quick question on this. Ingame I have an open Nat however my PS4 is type 2/moderate is this okay?
  12. I throttled my bandwidth to 1.5UP and 0.5DOWN. prioritised my ports using: UPD Source 3074:3076 Destination 30,000:45,000 TCP Source 50,000:65,535 Destination 3074:3076 DMZ - Open Nat 70/70 Congestion control Geo filter for lowest and highest ping lobbies, no matter what I’m throwing in half a clip or more to kill someone almost point blank range
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