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  1. Hello my my router geo filter is not working and when I try to update or reboot it I keep getting errors any way you can help me?
  2. the netduma router has no power none of the light turn on even with a different adapter. Like I said before I resetted the router and it never turn on again.
  3. My router is connected with ethernet but it has no power
  4. the modem is connected to a power outlet. i try with another power adapter it didn't work. any other suggestion?
  5. I did that but after I did it never came back on again.
  6. the router wont even turn on at all. Not even the Power led light.
  7. I bought the Netduma router about 5 months ago. I really love it but one day I try to log in to the router website and the router wouldn't connect to my pc and ps4. I try resetting and now it wont even turn on?
  8. Don't buy it. Mine only lasted 4 months. I sent messages to the administrator for help never got a reply. I recommend buying the netgear instead of this one.
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