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  1. Hi, Just a quick follow up to see if there is any news on the issue. Thank you.
  2. Yep, let's me access all options, just not for very long.
  3. Any news regarding this issue. Awesome that the app is now working but even with firmware update on Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 my DumaOS page still doesn't stay active for very long.
  4. Did all of the above and no change. Still no luck with the DumaOS app for android either. And doesn't matter if I use mymodem or the ip.
  5. Hi, Thank you for a quick reply. I mainly use my computer to login to the modem. I have used firefox, edge and chrome and it happens across all platforms. My setup is my gen 2 modem plugged in the wall with a ethernet cable running to a netgear r7000 router with then my computer, and Xbox wired into that router. I have also gained access via my mobile using chrome and Samsung internet and the same issue occurs. Also, still having no joy with the DumaOS app.
  6. Recently updated to Telstra Gaming Optimiser on Gen 2 modem. I have the Arcadyan LH1000 with latest firmware update. When I log into the modem it does go straight to the Game Optimiser DumaOS dashboard. However, it is extremely lagged and when it does eventually load up it doesn't stay up for long before taking me to the the Telstra Arcadayan modem dashboard. I hardly get any time withe DumaOS to make changes. I have restarted the modem on several occasions but this has not fixed the issue. I have looked at settings on the modem without any joy and many google searches have not produced any help either. Can you please let me know if this is an issue for others or am just the luck one and if there is a fix for this. Thank you. Also, any word yet on when the the DumaOS app with be working?
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