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  1. Email sent Liam, I'm sorry we couldn't get this sorted.
  2. Thanks Pharm, I've completed 1 and 3, DHCP lease time was set to 168hrs. Everything is fine with the ISP modem/router so the issue isn't my side. I can't even gain access to the Dumaos now to try anything else in there so I'm going to have to walk away. It's my second unit that's failed now and I don't have the time or patience to try a third.
  3. Liam/Fraser, We're not getting anywhere with these issues, I appreciate both of you helping but no product should require this amount of resetting/rebooting or adjustment. It's clearly faulty and as such I want to exercise my right to a full refund please. Is it just a case of linking this thread to an email to Netduma?
  4. Thanks Liam, Factory reset by holding the reset button down for 30 seconds, it's not establishing any connection to the router at all. I'm still getting network cable unplugged.
  5. Good morning Fraser, The update won't load, it got to about 20% then stalled. I tried rebooting as per your suggestion in the update thread and now I can't establish any connection at all, it spent about 10 minutes stating ethernet unplugged it then eventually connected stating Unidentified network (attached) but with no connection and now it has gone back to saying cable unplugged again. It's getting to the point where I'm starting to lose my cool with these ongoing issues, I'm currently tethering off my phone in order to get a productive days work in which is unacceptable (the geofilter function is secondary to me). If this router isn't going to provide a stable connection then I need to pursue a return and refund and look at other options.
  6. Thanks Fraser, I noticed the update after I submitted the post so apologies for not trying it first. I'll update in the morning and see how it goes.
  7. Okay so a bit of an update, the disconnects continued although less frequently. It kept saying the ethernet cable is unplugged then it would reconnect or I would have to disable then re-enable for it to try and pick the Duma up again. I performed a factory reset early this morning to see if it would help then once it booted back up I re-did all the steps above. Unfortunately it's awful now, constant disconnects of both the WiFi and ethernet connections. I plugged the ISP modem/router in for a couple of hours over lunchtime with no problems, reconnected my seperate modem and Duma after and the issue continues. The other half is cursing me for this damn thing now too. Additional to this the WiFi strength is woeful, I know it's been said that you're looking for a fix in future updates but when is that likely to be and out of interest what can be done to rectify through the software? Can you advise on how I go about stopping these constant disconnects please.
  8. Hi Fraser and Liam, This seems to have done the trick, I've not had a disconnect since Thursday lunchtime and I work at my PC pretty much all day everyday. If I notice anything else I'll post up. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi Fraser, Correct me if I've done anything wrong here, I've set up a static IP address for the PC and I've now checked the reserved IP box in the DHCP settings and entered the static address in there and saved it. I'll see what happens now and get back to you.
  10. Okay that didn't help, just dropped out again for 30 seconds. I'll set up a static IP address.
  11. Hi Fraser, I'm on the .179 firmware, I'd say every couple of hours normally but it's been more frequent this morning to the point I've had to tether off my phone. I've not put the PC on a static IP address yet, I have changed the DHCP lease time to 168 hours first as per your advice on other threads. I'll try one thing at a time to isolate the issue. I'll let you know if it sorts the problem.
  12. Hi Fraser, I'm getting random disconnects with my ethernet connection, wifi appears to be unaffected though. Cables are good and connections are nice and snug. Is there anything I can try to investigate this issue? The disconnects last between 30 seconds to a couple of minutes but always come back on without having to reset the router or modem. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Hi Liam, I'll give it a go later. One thing I have noticed is the Adblocker prevents the Zoom application from connecting. The desktop version works fine though but I've had to disable to adblock so my daughter can access her lessons on the ipad. Not sure if anything can be done about that in an update but just FYI really.
  14. Update: New antennas arrived and everything setup first time. I am having an issue with my smart TV disconnecting from the wifi each morning, I've disabled mirroring and renamed each 2.4GHz and 5GHz. I had the TV connected to 2.4GHz which I have changed to 5GHz this morning to see if that sorts it, my work phone is connected fine to 2.4GHz as it doesn't pick up the 5GHz signal and all other devices connect to 5GHz without any obvious issues yet. When finding games in Cold War it shows the southern UK server as a peer server, is that actually a cluster of dedicated servers and it's a display error @Netduma Fraser? I notice it will pick up and display dediacted servers in France, Spain and Germany fine. Thanks for your help.
  15. Good evening Fraser, The new Router arrived today, just unboxed it and went to attach the wifi antennas and both the router and antennas have male connections fitted (see images). I'm not sure who is manufacturing the R2 units but judging by the number of issues on this forum and the issues I've personally had I'd be dragging them on to a Teams meeting first thing tomorrow and ripping them a new one regarding their QC. I've emailed Netduma about how we proceed with yet another replacement, I feel for you personally as you seem to be the main contact and it's you that has to try to rectify issues that really shouldn't be present in the first place if the product was fit for purpose. I hope everyone else receiving replacement units doesn't come across the same issue.
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