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  1. when i do that what call of duty option do i pick? pc only or the other one?
  2. ive tried qos a bit. I stream though would lowering those affect my streaming performace?
  3. So i get really bad packet bursts in warzone and im not sure why. Ive tried Geo-FIltering and i have my ports open and have open nat type. I have terrible packet problems until like half the lobby is dead. Im currently trying ExitLag to see if that can help me. Any other advice? I also use an XR1000 if that helps.
  4. so now i have another problem. i put my XR WAN IP into my DMZ settings on my modem. that completely takes away my 2.4 and 5ghz wifi. they arent discoverable or anything. any advice for that?
  5. THAT FIXED IT! thanks for the suggestion i put the XR WAN IP into my cox settings and nat type is open now! appreciate it so much! are there any recommendation for the best settings for the XR1000?
  6. okay so i just put the XR WAN IP into my cox modem DMZ area and I will see if that works. I also called cox and one person told me i need to turn the router portion off on their system and then another lady told me she cant walk me thru how to do that and they highly advise against it. i also cant get into my cox router settings using the ip and login/password. is there a way to default that?
  7. its cox panoramic router/modem. I was just told i have to enable bridge mode.
  8. i have it set to private currently. i also have my firewall turned off in hopes that that would fix it. Where would i See a uPnP connection at?
  9. So i just picked up this router yesterday. My modem is the one that cox supplies so its nothing special. before I got this router my NAT type was open just through port forwarding. Now its set to moderate and I cant figure out why. ive tried uPnP, DMZ, port forwarded all the necessary ports for the game. Changed my IP from static to dynamic and back. everything I can think of and now im at a loss. any advice on what i can try? i have watched numerous videos and read multiple threads and I cant get it to work whatsoever!
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