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  1. I mainly got it because i fell in love with dumaos, being able to see the tickrate and exact location of servers i play on, network-wide adblock, being able to prioritize different types of network tasks (im a video editor and so im downloading/uploading 10-20gb of files a day, and i honestly dont even know if it makes much of a difference but to be honest, its all stuff i can live without. Ill most likely purchase another router, thank you to everyone for all the help though! It is much appreciated.
  2. i may be able to test it somewhere else, although probably not anytime soon
  3. i have re-installed the firmware twice and factory reset 5+ times, unfortunately hasnt fixed anything
  4. yes, maybe like 20 seconds after the internet came back and i was able to open the interface and get to this menu. During the actual dropout, i can't load dumaos at all.
  5. this is the same thing i did a couple weeks back, i can do it again though next time it happens
  6. sorry, the dropout occurred at the top of the logs, at around 11:55. It happened again today, here are the logs for that. To note, the dropout happened at 11:46 here, and the logs were taken at 11:49, there dont seem to be any logs past 11:45 though.
  7. sorry i thought i already responded after it happened, i called my isp and told them the issue, and they said they could put me onto a static ip, so that's what i did. but the dropouts are still happening, and yes every time one device gets a new ip, everything seems to lose connection.
  8. It seems to cut out every time a device gets a new IP, not just my routers ip. It sometimes happens a few minutes apart
  9. I have it sitting on a wooden desk, nothing under or ontop of it.The underside of the router is a tad warm, but nothing i wouldnt expect
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