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  1. Did that, still having the disconnect issue. I was able to log into the router this time through wifi and grabbed the log, attaching that to this post. log-1610602163774.txt
  2. Did that, gave it a few days, but it's still dropping both wired and wireless every 24-36 hours or so.
  3. Wired and wireless both drop at the same time. The R2 is plugged into an Arris Surfboard SBV3202.
  4. Hi, I've been having this problem since I got the router a couple weeks ago. It'll drop the internet connection on both wireless and wifi, then become inaccessible, unable to connect to log into the router until it's unplugged, then plugged back in. I've flashed the new firmware, did a factory reset, and the problem has persisted. It was doing it every 2-3 days, now it's doing it daily. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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