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  1. I’ve toyed around with the antennae and I get pretty solid speeds throughout the house with the exception of the master bedroom. I have a theory. With the current position of the router, the wifi signal basically needs to pass through a tile bathroom wall to reach the master bedroom. Would this effect signal strength? If so, would a wifi extender placed in the master bedroom help with this situation? Thank you.
  2. The modem is now on the floor next to the nightstand which is the only electrical device near the router. And there’s no other place it can go with the way I have everything wired up. It’s disappointing that the wifi speed/connection becomes so poor in such a very short distance. I’m open to any other suggestions to improve the wifi experience, otherwise I hope another firmware update gets rolled out soon because the amount of issues I’ve had seems unreasonable.
  3. I’m testing rooms with the wifi SweetSpot app. In the room where the router is located I’m getting 240mbps speed on average (not even sure how that’s possible) on the 5ghz network set at 80mhz bandwidth. But I walk only 15 ft into another room and the speed plummets to less than 8mbps on average. Why is this?
  4. the router has been factory reset since the firmware installation. Bandwidth are currently set to automatic for both networks.
  5. I’m willing to call the wireless speed tests unreliable on the laptop because it’s so old. I’m using my phone now to test the wifi speeds. What is interesting is I set the modem on the floor and at least now the connection appears to be stable on the 5ghz network. However the speeds are still atrocious. 5ghz: 20mbps on average in the same room as the router and it just gets worse the further down the house I go (again, small house). 2.4ghz: almost identical numbers as the 5ghz network
  6. The router sits right in front of the modem which are both on top of a nightstand in a guest room. The room is centrally located in a relatively small single story home on the first floor. Wifi mirroring is turned off. I have the latest firmware installed. I managed to boot up my very old laptop to run some speed tests (speedtest.net). I misspoke, I get up to 200mbps down from isp. Wired into the router, I was getting ~180-200mbps down, 11-12 up, <10ms ping. Wireless speed on 2.4ghz network: <.50mbps down, 6mbps up, 15ms ping. 5ghz network won’t even show up on the laptop as a network to connect to. I’m in the room where the router is located.
  7. My wifi speeds are terrible. I have the 2.4 and 5 networks enabled, channels and bandwidth set to automatic for both networks. iWifi app showing strong signal strength (<10ms ping) for both networks, but my download speeds are abysmal (24 mbps for the 2.4 network, 8 mbps for the 5 network). I get 250 download speed from my isp. R2 router is connected to a Motorola MB8600 modem. I turned off QoS, that didn’t help. I don’t have a reliable computer to use and my iPhone does not allow the use of a wifi analyzer so please don’t ask me to download one. My initial lousy/overpriced router/modem provided by my isp provided far superior wifi capability than the R2. I hope there’s a simple solution to my issues, because for all of it’s software potential, the hardware appears to be junk. Please help.
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