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  1. Sorry I misspoke. I had a wifi point downstairs and wired to it down there. The main router is upstairs. I moved it upstairs and it seems the constant packet burst is gone for now. Pretty sure it's a bad wifi point.
  2. Hey I recently moved my Xbox Series X upstairs without wired connection. Now I have no packet loss in Warzone and MW. Turns out it must've been a bad wifi point then. Can't believe I had to endure that much lag for over a month just to realize its some trash hardware issue. Smh man.
  3. Yup, tried that too. I've tried everything.
  4. Wish I could help, and wish someone had a fix for my issue as well. I've only had it for about a month. I'm hoping Activision or Microsoft will get a fix out for it.
  5. Do you have a Series X? I have an Xbox Series X and had this problem for about a month on MW and Warzone, but not Cold War. Constant packet burst and it pisses me off. Have some videos of it too. You can take a look and see if we have the same issue. I've contacted Activision support multiple times about it, they say they will have to "refer it to their other team to diagnose the issue." I've also done the same with Microsoft support, and they say it's on Activision's end. Not sure it entirely is though, because it works fine on Cold War, and this didn't happen on my Xbox One S. 12-30-2020_9-01-32_PM-tzcmj0x3.mp4 12-30-2020_9-01-33_PM-h00dwmdw.mp4 12-30-2020_9-01-34_PM-e4l2pno2.mp4
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