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  1. The latter. The absurd sbmm in cold war has finally kicked in (just started playing) so sadly 60 ping is now the new normal instead of 25-30. Any news on the geofilter cloud being updated to allow filtering to work properly on apex and not result im constant disconnects, last I heard was that there were authentication servers that were yet to be whitelisted. Also, does the geofilter work on cold war?
  2. My rule was Src 1-65535 Dest 3074-65535 TCP/UDP for my PS5, that was the only rule. I don’t have a screenshot since I rebooted my router at first (wiped packets) then I deleted rule, added the new rules I listed above (ignored 80/443) and reset my router again. Edit: Right now I have 490k background/900 priority download packets and 505k background/2200 priority upload packets. I guess this is normal, I’m not sure. None of my devices are on except my phone and my PS5 (currently playing cold war). I’ve never really monitored my packets before but this does seem a bit high purely from playing cold war. Edit 2: While in the middle of a match, both upload and download priority packets jumped to 38k each.
  3. Ok so I left out ports that purely need to be “open” and only included ones that need to be forwarded. TCP: 80, 443, 3216, 7500-7509, 9960-9969, 9988 UDP: 2001, 3074-3173, 3659, 37000-40000 Both: 1024-1124, 1935, 3478-3480, 10000-30010 Is 80/443 not needed? I’m only asking since 1024-65535 is the most commonly mentioned range to set the rule to, are those just Sony ports? EDIT: So I just logged into my router and I have 750,000,000 download packets, 350,000,000 upload packets and ~25% of each are high priority. How is this possible? None of my devices are being used right now except my phone and laptop. My ps5 is the only device listed under traffic prioritization.
  4. Damn, I have my ps5 in dmz just to avoid manually forwarding ports. I’ll go ahead and try it, I’m assuming it must perform better if not the same as the rule I currently have. Is there a way to monitor ports being used while currently in a pvp game to narrow down which ports to prioritize? Also, EA/Bungie lists many extra ports that are not listed on portforward.com. Does this mean that those ports are used for authentication purposes or something so I can get by without adding rules for them?
  5. TCP 9988, 42120, 42210, 42230, 44125, 44225, 44325 UDP 1024-1124, 3216, 3659, 9960-9969, 10000-20000, 27900, 28910, 29900, 37000-40000 TCP/UDP 80, 443, 1935, 3074-3080, 3478-3480, 10000-20000 So these are all the ports across all 3 games. How exactly do I go about making rules to cover these?
  6. So I finally have my XR500 tuned almost perfectly for my network but I’m having trouble finding the best traffic prioritization rules to maximize my connection and improve my bullet registration (PS5). Currently I have 1-65535 Dest 1024-65535 TCP/UDP as my rule (classified rule off) but this doesn’t seem to be working well although slightly better than classified games being enabled. I came across this thread which had rules that seemed to have great success but as far as I know only works for CoD and nothing else. https://forum.netduma.com/topic/30110-how-to-get-better-hit-detection/#comments Does anybody have a recommendation for rules that covers every game that I play (Cold War/Destiny 2/Apex Legends)?
  7. You guys going to whitelist that server anytime soon? After a ton of trial and error, I found a setting that works (strict, 0 ping assist) but requires NW Wyoming radius of 900 miles, literally nothing less and I’m pretty sure theres a texas server that must be whitelisted. Also, I noticed for a first time ever that I had packet loss on a local server. Can this be due to using upnp instead of port forwarding? I have always used port forwarding but I was just too lazy to do it this time. Edit: Nevermind, even that geo setup resulted in a disconnect. It just took longer than usual. I’m debating whether or not I should keep this router now. After trying out all my games and looking over recent threads, it seems like the geofilter no longer works on any popular game (on the XR500 with current official firmware).
  8. How exactly does the geofilter work? Does it prevent out of radius players from entering my matchmaking pool or does it prevent games from starting (by kicking me) if out of radius players enter the lobby? I followed the apex optimal guide but I think I keep getting kicked due to the game repeatedly trying to put me central us/southern cali servers with “blocked players” in central/east US regions. I picked Oregon data centers and I set 650m radius around Portland although I never saw any NW host servers as shown on Apex optimal guide. Regarding D2/CoD profiles, what do you recommend adjusting the radius to since Portland, Or is on the edge of the US resulting in half the radius being in the ocean?
  9. I made a few adjustments, please take a look at my original post and tell me what you think.
  10. I just bought a Nighthawk XR500 (running latest official firmware) but I desperately need help configuring the geofilter/QoS settings. 810mbps down/630mbps up is my total bandwidth. I have my PS4 at 25%, both 4k TV’s at 15% and all other devices have remaining bandwidth allocated equally. I have share excess enabled and both sliders at 70% (when high traffic detected). Is slider setting optimal based on my available bandwidth/devices? I feel like the slider is too low based on my total bandwidth. Regarding geofilter, I have no idea have to create a optimal profile. I wasted 2 hours on apex getting disconnected 75% of the time. Can somebody give my optimal profiles for the games I play? I mainly play CoD, Destiny 2, Apex and I live in Portland, OR. I’d greatly appreciate some help because I feel completely lost and the geofilter was the main reason I bought this router along with QoS settings that actually works. Thanks.
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