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  1. Yes I have read the terms. I would usually like to privately message customer service instead of airing our a bad experience but the terms require I post here. My set up is from my modem to my router and then I have two PCs and two phones on the wifi as well as an Xbox directly wired in. I have tried applying a static IP and I have had no luck. I cannot risk it going out. The router simply does not work for my situation as I am running a business and my lady is working from home as well. I need to go back to my trusty google router. It is what it is. Please help me process a full refund.
  2. My NetDuma R2 is disconnecting every hour or less + my ping has not improved in Warzone. Trust me I have done everything and am tech savy. I had the best ping I can get in Los Angeles already so I do not need the router. My main use was to get my hit reg up and ping down in Warzone. I think you make a great product but it is not for me. I have tried a lot of different things through the forums and it disrupted a very important business Zoom for me today. I cannot risk this ever happening again. I need to start the return/refund process ASAP. I have my Google router plugged back in and it works flawlessly.
  3. FYI issues solved by going into my Xbox manage apps and games then Clearing the Reserved space. No idea how or why that was the issue but it worked.
  4. I cannot connect to Warzone on my Xbox Series X with Netduma R2. It tries to connect then eventually times out so I currently cannot even play the game. I have no idea why this is happening since there are no server outages. I can connect to Cold War no problem. I also can connect to Warzone when I plug in my old google router. Anybody have any idea how to fix or test?
  5. Nevermind Fraser. I saw your guide in another forum and fixed it via the new password.
  6. Unfortunately in my chrome web browser in my macbook pro says "connecting..." And then "this site can't be reached". I can browse the internet so I am definitely connected via my other router.
  7. Fraser- I have this same problem and do not own a laptop with an ethernet port. There must be some solution. I cannot connect at all because the password on the bottom is incorrect.
  8. Fraser- I saw in another post we are supposed to have an email. I would love a status update on my order. Thank you
  9. Thanks Fraser! I will check back in tomorrow.
  10. Fraser. I am having the same issue. I ordered a few days ago but have not received any sort of shipping/tracking information. I only received the initial order confirmation when I paid.
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