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  1. Ok i got it working by rebooting again ! LOL I did try the modem but it didint work! Don't know what was going on but I'm good right now! And the untangle is awesome it helps out the router a lot.It gives me a lot of info on whats going on in my network! And you can block a lot of bad stuff and ips with geo blocks to! UNTANGLE With the NETDUMA R2 Its like i have the power!!! LOL by the way whats going on with the usb on the router will that ever work or dose it work?
  2. About 30 sec and for the web browser i used fire fox, google and MS Edge. I run an untangle box in front of the R2.I turned off all the defenses on the untangle box to see if it was blocking the R2 and still the same. Going to try just the router to the modem next. Oh and every now and then the R2 drops wifi!
  3. Did factory reset using the push button on the back even reinstalled the update and still the same thing! It takes a long time to load up and not every thing is loading
  4. This is crazy sometimes one rapp will work and sometimes it wont but here is 2 pics of the QOS.
  5. ok the adblocker device list is not loading! And the network settings dont work to!
  6. now i cant change my bandwidth speeds just gets stuck!
  7. Im getting DumaOS not loaded yet! on the R2! What can i do to fix this?
  8. ok thanks i have the ones the fit the the router i ll just give it a try.
  9. AHHHH Thinks! BTW is it safe to run some yagi antennas on the r2?
  10. Witch is the 5 gigs and 2.4 antennas on R2 router?
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