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  1. hey guys, im the op. i have had it working suing a ps4 and ps5 but like the guy said, it worked for about 7 matches and then just stopped, i recently picked up a few ps4s so going to try hosting with only ps4 consoles and see how i get on. seems to be some sort of interference with the different console gens.
  2. I have 2 playstations set up, 1 ps4 and 1 ps5. I haven't done trials carrys is a while but usually it went smoothly. I would have 1 team on each console and use my geo filter to make them match up. Now when i match the geo filter just does not work. Im matching random teams and and if i do match the other console on the super rare occasion it always chooses the same console as host. Before i was having trouble i was using 2 playstation 4 consoles. Could changing one of them to a ps5 be the problem? Or has the net duma support just went fown the toilet?
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