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  1. i;ve disabled the WiFi and tried accessing the router through dumaos/ and through the ip address and still no luck accesssing it.
  2. and yes everything is connected as shown in the earlier pictures posted
  3. sorry for the late response i saw that i could type something into the gateway address, however when i try entering the ip it brings me down to the bottom?
  4. I tried http:// and https:// and got the same result I read that trying one or the other might help on the forum but got nothing
  5. I’ve tried resetting the Netduma and still no difference with the results (even trying 30-30-30) I went out and bought an Ethernet adaptor so I could set it up through my laptop and still no difference in fact when I try to go through chrome and type in the search bar dynamos/ it loads up a strange page from frontier for some reason I tried doing up configuration and typing in the gateway code but that doesn’t work either Both ways I’ve displayed I’ve tried doing on my laptop as well and the results are the same My service provider is frontier so maybe that’s why it brings me to that page should I send this one in and try getting a new one. The password is still saying it’s incorrect even after trying the reset for 30 seconds and when I tried doing the 30-30-30 method I’ve been looking through the forum and have been trying every answer you guys have responded with but nothing seems to be working as I stated before.
  6. i just recently got the netduma r2 and ive tried connecting it to just about everything the manual says i should be connecting it to in order to access the set up wizard or whatever its called. however, even when i connect everything to where it should be i am still unable to connect to my netduma. ive tried to setup the netduma every way possible and when i try setting the netduma up nothing works it says the password is incorrect. ive tried hooking it up to my ps4 directly so i can set it up through the browser since i do not have a pc that has an ethernet port and it is showing that the page "DumaOS/ " isn't available. ive also tried typing the ip address of the router into the browser as well and it shows its is unavailable just as shown by other users. is there any suggestions on how to properly set this thing up theres no videos anywhere (that i can find) to show how to properly hook this thing up to the modem or anything about ip configuration steps. any help would greatly be appreciated ive been trying to hook it up since 9 in the morning please end my suffering.
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