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  1. That’s just the thing when I connect the r2 I don’t have access to the internet at all.....only when I plug my old net gear back in @Netduma Fraser
  2. The thing is dead.....I just want a new one or my money so I can get one that works man......I’m trying the steps but with no luck and this thing is brand new it shouldn’t be having these issues......I’ve got a cheap net-gear router I’ve had 5+ years and it works fine. But I bought this one so I could use it for gaming, so can we get this figured out please
  3. This is all that happened I didn’t get a sub heading @Netduma Fraser
  4. And do I need to type the https into the internet search bar @Netduma Fraser
  5. What is control panel option sorry I’m new at this
  6. This is what it told me when I did the command prompt “ipconfig” @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Admin
  7. Do I need to have it plugged into the modem when I open the command window?
  8. It will not let me connect with Ethernet as well says it doesn’t have a connection @Netduma Admin
  9. I’m just trying to get some help fixing it or a replacement @Netduma Admin
  10. I can’t get into it to reset it, but I did try to factory reset from the button on the back but had no luck. I sent an image of what it looks like currently and to answer your question I have a laptop I could hardwire it to.
  11. My netduma r2 will not even put off a signal to connect to..... it was working fine, then a couple days ago playing gta5 it stopped working and now only shows a power light and internet light, but the 2g and 5g lights won’t come on, and it doesn’t put off a WiFi signal to connect to the router to check anything out. Any suggestions @Netduma Admin
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