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  1. Issue resolved. I just factory reset the netduma one more time and for what ever reason it detected the network for the c7 through the setup process for the first time EVER!!! Now everything is working. Didnt have to use the static method either. Thank you for everything @Netduma Fraser , to you and everyone else, hope you have a merry christmas.
  2. its set to automatic and it still didnt work
  3. now I also turned the router mode off on the c7 and using it just as a modem and it worked with connection to wifi after I set the IP - Subnet Mask - Gateway - on the netduma, but the wired connection to the ps5 isnt working
  4. ok so I got it and it connected to the router now but the PS5 isnt connecting and it wired to the netduma and it shows an Ip for it too
  5. no it doesnt show the r2 connected at all to the c7 when I look at the c7 attached device. the ip of the c7 is
  6. another thing that I found odd is that the default password for the wireless on the back of the netduma router isnt the actually the default password, and i found that out after getting into the netduma interface when setting up the wifi info
  7. its in router mode now and I tried turning router mode off and using it just as a modem and that didnt help either, and yes I tried everything so far. ,@Netduma Fraser , I also looked at the system info in the netduma and it sys disconnect for the WAN and doesnt give me an IP
  8. Also my netgear isnt recognizing that the netduma is connect to it via etherent cable. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Admin
  9. Im glad Im not the only one with xfinity having issues. I need help on this as well I have xfinity also and I have a netgear nighthawk c7000 modem/router that cant connect to the netduma r2 either. let me know if you want me to create a different post since my modem/router is different.
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