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  1. Any update on this matter regarding ping heatmap R6 Siege?
  2. Hi Fraser, the ISP don't want to give me any access nor setup bridge mode in their router, is there any other possible solution? like a VPN or something else?
  3. ok i'm gonna call them and try to set that up, because i tried before to contact them to open ports and DMZ or UPnP and they don't want to change anything. Thanks
  4. i don't know if i factory reset the router the configuration of the router obviously reset and i don't know the setting, so i cant re configure all that.
  5. There is no server here in colombia or close, we just have to connect to servers in USA. I really dont know what to do because the ISP dont want to give me any access, i tried almost every regular password even bruteforcing the router password and nothing. I was reading about a MAC cloning but i dont know if that can help me. by the way i have a fiber router (TP-Link XN020-G3v).
  6. Hello, i just bought the R2, and i want to setup the R2 as bridge but the ISP don't want to give me access to their router and also don't want to set up the DMZ to the R2 IP address. is there any other way to override the config of their router. Can you help me with that? i'm having a really high ping around 160 a good ping here in Bogota, Colombia is around 67 (R6 siege). Thanks in advance.
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