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  1. Don’t hold your breath, I still haven’t heard anything...
  2. There’s no point because I tried through my wife’s Acer laptop and it didn’t work either. On top of that I received a Netgear XR500 router today. Plugged it in and it went right to working without barely any effort. Therefore this piece of crap Duma R2 router is defective and I’m not wasting anymore time on this pile of crap. I emailed a few days ago about a refund. I want to send this back and receive my money back.
  3. I can’t access the modem when connected behind the R2.
  4. I can’t access the modem because I have to have the router plugged into the only Ethernet port on the modem and connect through the router, but I can’t get anything through the router. No IP address in the system information either.
  5. Just finished trying both methods and I still get the same message.
  6. I pushed the reset button in on the back of the R2 for 30 seconds. As for PPPoE I have no idea. I have cable internet through Xfinity.
  7. Restarted everything and now I can not access the routers setup page at all ( I should note that I tried a complete reset of the R2 before I made my post here and when I try to perform the initial setup it tells me right from the beginning that it can not detect internet. If I choose the setup WAN option and then hit the skip option it will let me go all the way through, but it still will not connect to the internet.
  8. Hey everyone! So I just recieved a new Netduma R2 Router. I bought a new Netgear Nighthawk CM2000 Modem and set it up successfully, but I can not get the R2 Router to connect to the internet. If I plug my PC directly into the modem I have internet without any issues. As soon as I plug it into the R2 and plug the R2 into my modem I can't connect to the internet. I can login to the router interface and make changes, but I can't get any internet. I am stumped. Can anyone help?
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