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  1. What is taking so long for the real firmeare to come out this beta firmware is honestly annoying as f***! My geo fikter doesnt work i always have to restart my router constantly and with the fsmily watching movies im always blamed with the internet fucks up. My family is stsrting to think im a crackhead for messing with this router all the time. We have been on a beta firmware for months almkst a year common if h want people to continue using ur product fix it before another company decides to take ur geo fikter ideas and put it on their stable routers firmware
  2. i think ive found a bug on the xr500 When using the geofilter on polygon mode ive noticed that the icons dont appear when i connect to a online server like it should (server or player icon) but when i switch it back to regular mode it starts to appear again. Just thought i should share what ive noticed.
  3. thanks for the suggestion, i just picked up a xr500 today its amazing! im currently on firmware, how can i get the 3.0 beta?
  4. Yes ive tried frasers suggestion multiple times. Since the last post ive decided to just upgrade my router but im stuck between the netgear xr300 and the xr500. I already have a strong access point for wifi so idk if the xr300 would be better because of the price or the xr 500 because of the prossesor. Btw, thanks netduma team for taking the time to help me with this i really appreciate it.
  5. Is there any way i can send the hardware back to you so you could reflash the router. Because i know there are ways to reset the router but it wouldnt have duma os on it. So my question is if you can re flash the router to duma os if i sent the router back at my own expense.
  6. My netduma r1 was updating yesterday and while it was updating my power went out. Now when i try to start it up it turns on with lights and everything but when i plug a Ethernet cord to it my computer wont recognize it. I tried all different things to connect to it and still nothing. I tried factory resetting it and still nothing. I pull up the ip address of 169.254 181.96 with no gateway address. I tried a static ip addresses and i still cant get in the interface. I think my netduma is corrupt. What can i do?
  7. I had the same problem too. It my xbox live server was in east coast when im in the west coast. I found that the problem was the dns.
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