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  1. Damn this dudes ping is hideous when i check mine its never over 30 never. This is why i only like to play against uk players.
  2. As @Newfie says you dont know what happens when it leaves your property. Here is a cool site with some good tools to test your line my exchange is only 400 meters away witch help. https://kitz.co.uk/adsl/broadbandchecker.php
  3. I was fine on 179 so i thought a would be great to update but over last fue days wi fi just kept dying the OS would not see my XBOX in device manager sometimes it was just a nightmare. But QOS worked better at least for BLOAT on 205. I'm using a BT modem but have a VDSL netgear also to test my connection so i know the drops are the R2.
  4. i was on 205 but was getting different issues Wi-Fi drops and such so im back 179. I must say though i game play felt better. Better buffer bloat on 205 but i could not stand the drop outs.
  5. yes congestion control auto set up and set to always and both down and up for share excess. Sorry to not give much details.hope it helps
  6. Try this reset everything then do CC auto disable EXCESS reset distribution. Then open dslreorts.com on your XBOX browser make sure all app are closed do speedtest check BLOAT adjust your Bandwidth allocation until you have x3 A+ This along with connection benchmark to see if you have pack loss and to see your ping. Turn off traffic prio while doing tests.
  7. ok i have share excess unchecked use upnp my speeds are only 74up 17down i have sliders set to 97%down 65%up. bandwidth allocation set to 50% up and down to my xbox. and its feels ok on D2 and COD. The reason i have it set like this is to have A+ for buffer bloat.
  8. Ok here it is i was having a better connection in game/hit reg.my setup was no trafic prio/qos enabled and tuned with dslrepotrts. TP seemed to make things worse to me i did factory reset and all that but then the update just become too unstable to use. I posted my findings in new firmware post.
  9. Also i just try to go back to the latest update but not only the Wi-Fi keep dropping off the lan connections keep dropping off as well. So for some reason the new update on my R2 has become un usable. Back on 179 as seems to be more stable at the moment.
  10. dont know about settings but my connection imploded tonight i downgraded to previous firmware but something is well off with my R2.
  11. Ok so since the new update ive been having terrible Wi-Fi problems. Ive done everything to changing width reboot factory reset. So tonight the Wi-Fi went down for about 10mins then came back but the speeds were one quarter what the should have been so went through the normal routine reboot change channels scan the surrounding area to see what channel would be best. But speeds were still terrible i ghave now downgraded to 179 firmware and set wifi to this. Please fix the Wi-Fi.. Many thanks. Im also now getting packet loss.
  12. there is a bug when people on old gen play with the new.i thought they would have fixed this by now. Not sure how connected it would be the peps on old gen will lag hard especially in pvp.
  13. Ok im in a comp match and i ping the BUNGO server. In my first pick i had changed the miles due to being in trials not comp.
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