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  1. Went back to 3.0.205 firmware so with the Wi-Fi issues i thought to use my old router as AP point to lighten the load on the R2 thinking to put all Wi-Fi connected devices through AP and just my consoles on LAN. So giving the Wi-Fi devices a pool to use but the R2 still controls Bandwidths.
  2. Hi thank your for the reply. My old router only has modem/router or modem only modes. Is it still possible to use it as access point? I would hard wire it to my R2 I'm thinking i could use this that way avoiding the issues I'm having with the Wi-Fi and just have the R2 for wired gaming. Many thanks. router is a NETGEAR D6220 vdsl
  3. Hi Liam. Ok i spent a long time setting up again last night/morning i use a BT MODEM only i will take a look. And thank you for your continued support im sure this will work out i hope.
  4. Just had another complete network drop out.omfg
  5. I'm trying this update again tonight i had four lan disconnects to my XBOX and two complete network disconnects its strange my R2 was working well before i upgraded and now it seems no matter witch of the firmware's I'm on the R2 is giving hassle. My household children wife are really starting to become agitated with it im getting quite tired of it to. At the moment im thinking of switching back to my little VDSL Netgear that i used for four years with no disconnects. 😭
  6. I'm miss understand sorry. I'm not a very clever person but am trying to learn. Will do as you advise many thanks.
  7. Hi fraser. You said Traffic prioritization makes your connection say my XBOX in TP under games console will not obey to bandwidth and CC so my thinking is i hope im wrong but by putting my console in TP i will end up with me network default speeds and ping? And without CC my ping is awful is this the way it works. Or with CC and TP i end up with be truly best set up? Sorry to be a pain.
  8. Damn this dudes ping is hideous when i check mine its never over 30 never. This is why i only like to play against uk players.
  9. As @Newfie says you dont know what happens when it leaves your property. Here is a cool site with some good tools to test your line my exchange is only 400 meters away witch help. https://kitz.co.uk/adsl/broadbandchecker.php
  10. I was fine on 179 so i thought a would be great to update but over last fue days wi fi just kept dying the OS would not see my XBOX in device manager sometimes it was just a nightmare. But QOS worked better at least for BLOAT on 205. I'm using a BT modem but have a VDSL netgear also to test my connection so i know the drops are the R2.
  11. i was on 205 but was getting different issues Wi-Fi drops and such so im back 179. I must say though i game play felt better. Better buffer bloat on 205 but i could not stand the drop outs.
  12. yes congestion control auto set up and set to always and both down and up for share excess. Sorry to not give much details.hope it helps
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