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  1. Hi. Just a quick update on this i have managed to fixed my error all though i be leave it to be user error. Please see the screen shot hope it makes sense i was not saving the QoS with the little save box only with update distribution box. A
  2. I love BF4 so much it has to be my 2nd fav of all time i hope it captures like that edition did.
  3. I like cold war but this seems to me like another level.
  4. My R2 has been working so well over last couple of moths I'm very reluctant to factory reset to see if it changes it. Bro its not a problem im not worried.
  5. excess always disabled just standard stuff really .
  6. Hi Liam yup im on the latest firmware i did wonder if it was the browser or something but no dice m8.
  7. Fraser do you ever rest mate?
  8. Ok great to know we cant adjust the tick that saves me a lot of testing however i guess the search is on for me to find the server with the highest tick possible. As you say with SDR there really is no telling its kind of pot luck lol. I have noticed this server tick varies greatly lol.
  9. Its been doing this for some time at least since i noticed it but as i generally use devices i did not want to appear to moan or load your plate any more. Sorry.
  10. no worries Liam let me explain. Image one i set up my bandwidth allocations and it will stay as i have set it like for months no problem. However if i choose to use this feature in application mode and set my bandwidths when ever i leave the os and return it resets to its defaults sharing bandwidths equal to each application. so if i use devices it works fine if i use applications it resets when i leave os.
  11. explain please link to post saying news today dude?
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