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  1. Im a Destiny player so happy they cant ddos us any more also not having the lagging players my connection has been under 10ms on xbox since the change. I would not go back to the old peer to peer system just to use the geo filter in a way that was not intended. But thats just me. I am guilty off ghost lobbies from time to time.
  2. I have a problem with dns i try to change it on my R2 it has dns override??? but when i put in say google dns my network cuts off resulting in a router reset. I guess dns override means its going to use my isp dns that are awful as im o n talktalk. can anybody explain the process to change dns on the R2 please?
  3. 🤣 good luck to you dude if i can still be a child at my age im happy thank you. Seriously though they are trying hard over there take a look and here to dude.
  4. Deleted my reply i cant be bothered. Good luck.
  5. Sorry dude you miss understand im more than aware whats happening with Destiny i thought the op was having setup issues of a different kind. i thank you for the reply though
  6. I understand now we are on different routers im on the R2 i did have some difficulty's setting up my vpn but after than it was fine. I know nothing of the x500 but i be leave that the issues with the R2 are mainly because its a new ish product but i am a big fan of NETDUMA.
  7. not here to argue cant be bothered like feel your points. What problem did you have with the vpn?destiny aside. For me my connection to Destiny for pvp has never been better ok i cant use geo filter but thats down to the ddos scrubs in the game lol
  8. They do no condone boosting also this can easily been seen by any body at bungie.they cant fix this use your brain a bit dude.
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