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  1. Now the r2 isn’t letting me in to the ui. It just keeps loading and I’ve reset it already
  2. I clicked auto enable but this is what I don’t know what to type on
  3. Yea that’s with both bandwidths set to 1%. When I click add rule on port forwarding I type the last numbers of my consoles IP address. I type my PS4 name. And then it has 4 options with number for the ports. I have no clue which numbers to put. Then I click tcp&udp both and then that error comes up
  4. Also I ran the auto setup and it suggested 1% on both download and upload and this is the best grades I ever got with the r2
  5. This is the error when trying to add my console to port forward on the r2
  6. No I’m using a PS4 pro. Yea I don’t think I’m fully understanding what your asking.
  7. Yea I don’t think I might fully understand what your asking sorry. I’ve tried using the auto setup on the congestion control but it never works.
  8. I’m trying what you’re suggesting but a error pops up every time
  9. I’ve tried everything I could possibly find and nothings made a difference so far not even the slightest
  10. I don’t know how to do any of that. I haven’t made no changes at all to my isp modem at all. Is there a place I can read on how to do any of that?
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