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  1. @Mobel, can you share your settings? I play with buddies on the East Coast and I'm in CA. Hoping that when we play we could connect somewhere in the middle with ~50ms ping for all instead of them having 20ms and I have 110ms.
  2. I do have better ping when I'm hosting. Is there no way to circumvent someone else hosting getting us in a bad server?
  3. Any other advice? I changed the PC to Console in device manager and changed ping assist to 0. This time none of the servers showed up on the screen and I still got connected to a 98ms ping game.
  4. Hi Liam, thanks for the quick reply! I have attached a picture of how it's set up. I also tried changing my PC to "console" in device manager but that did not help. I have strict mode and fast search enabled, but I've also tried without each of them. What happens is that I can join my friends party in COD even if they are not whitelisted. Then we get taken to a game with a server on the east coast and my ping is 95-110ms. My friends and the server appear as white symbols on the map outside of the prescribed range. All help appreciated, thanks!
  5. I’ve owned the XR500 with newest bios for 6 weeks now. I have a radius set in the geo-filter with strict mode. Ping assist 50. My filtering device is PC-callofduty. I live in CA, USA. Yet any time I join on my friends, it connects us to a server that is outside of my radius, and my ping is 90-110ms, which makes it hard to be competitive. Is the geofilter not supposed to work this way or have I misunderstood something? I have flushed the cloud and re-selected my device.
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