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  1. Yeah, I've just tried completely removing the R2 from the equation and connecting directly to the the M1 and I'm still getting Double NAT so it's definitely the fact that I'm using a 4G modem. However when i connect straight to the M1 I get a moderate NAT type on my xbox which is good, but when I double NAT with the R2 I'm on a strict NAT type which I don't want.
  2. There is a 'Gateway IP address' on the M1 mobile router setup page, I don't know if this needs changing?
  3. Okay, so I've done this and now my xbox one is displaying the 'UPnP not successful' message again. I was playing okay with the Double NAT.
  4. Is this where I put the console IP in the DMZ on the R2?
  5. When it was in passthrough mode I could no longer find the M1 network to connect to.
  6. Maybe. Yes, I've enabled DMZ on the M1 and put the IP from the R2 as the 'DMZ address'. No port forwarding rules set at the moment
  7. Now when i load up my xbox i get 'Double NAT detected'.
  8. I can see that the M1 has automatically assigned the LAN device with the same IP address, I just don't know where in the M1 interface that I add the static/reserved IP.
  9. Thanks for the quick response. Erm you lose me at this bit, do i do this in the dumaos? or in the M1 interface?
  10. Hi, I am using the netgear nighthawk m1 mobile router with an EE sim card connected to the netduma r2. The M1 is switched into 'passthrough' mode and supplying internet to the duma. The duma is then connected through ethernet cable to my Xbox One, however my xbox is displaying 'UPnP not successful'. How can I fix this?
  11. Okay, so if I turn 2.4ghz to 20MHz can 5ghz also be set to 20MHz?
  12. Okay thanks. Changing the 5ghz channel width to 20Mhz appears to have fixed the issue. Thank you. So now the 2.4ghz channel width is 40Mhz and the 5ghz channel is 20Mhz. Should this be the case?
  13. Hi, I am using the netduma r2. When I factory reset the device i get 2.4ghz and 5ghz, however the internet connection will suddenly stop after a couple of minutes, so I unplug the r2 and plug it back in. When it comes back on I only get 2.4ghz. I have updated to 3.0.179 before doing the factory reset and after the reset it still says i am using 3.0.179 so I assume i don't need to update again.
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