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  1. Ok - will try it and come back in a few days with my results .
  2. And then activate dmz for the xr500 on the router - this should solve my issues regarding qos not working ? So just to be clear : fiber —>modem router (just connected to fiber and has just the xr500 connected in dmz ) —> XR500 -_> all my devices
  3. yes - he has some internal restrictions - so some ports are always reserved for the speed port - you can t handle it . Exposed Host is as well not possible. Sold my old router three days ago - lol. But did I get you right - you want the xr500 not to do the PPPoE/VLAN as there is still a bug - I need a router with an included modem that has DMZ function . right ?
  4. can t handle DMZ or Port Forwarding - so the internal firewall will always cause lag , packet loss, even with the xr500 handling my games - I still have the shitty speedprt before accessing my fibre. . Thats why I bought the xr500. any suggestions on proper router to get everything working ? What about the draytek vigor 166 - could he handle everything so that xr500 will work 100% ?
  5. ok - you know the issue almost 2 years as far as I can read old forum post properly. The Speedport Router can t handle DMZ or Port Forwarding . It causes problems with XR500 not working right. That s why I switched to modem mode and let the xr500 handle all. I thin it s not your goal buying me a new router just because you could not solve a long known issue , right ? So any further solutions ? 🙂 https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/XR500-QoS-UPnP-issue-with-VLAN-tagging/td-p/1606799
  6. Hi , thanks for the quick reply . the modem is a router (Telekom speedport smart3) that is set to modem only mode . yes i tried to adjust the sliders - nothing changed . Downgraded to firmware - now download qos is working - I can see it on the speed results on the dslreports.com. Upload still not working - didn’t t you solve this known problem regarding vlan and upload /qos ?
  7. Oh and it seems it got the worst after updating to the latest firmware . Did factory reset as well . runned smoother on the beta .
  8. Hi @Netduma Fraser so my set up is the following : I have a fibre modem and behind that directly the xr500 with PPPoE and vlan tagging . I read that you are aware that there is a issue regarding qos not working properly when using vlan and ppoe. So doing the speedbenchmark I have still issues whit ping under load and also I have bad upload quality while qos activated i think qos is not working right . Even sometimes on the upload . before I had a avm router before the xr500. Switched to a router that can be used as a modem only to avoid double nat and bad online gaming . Improved shortly a lot but as I said since then qos is not working right imo what can I do ? Thx
  9. Hi there again - I accidentally update to firmware V2.3.2.114 and the DumaOS3 Interface disappeared - so not able to put polygon mode on again. I can t find the right link to the update file t get my XR500 back to the DumaOs3 with polygon mode , can you please help ? Thx !
  10. how to activate polygon mode ? The thing is I want to try the different serves in Europe to figure out which is the best and responsive one for my gameplay.... But I always get connected to blocked ones..... I never get Ping above 30ms.. still gameplay is often awful which is due to the server you re connected to (that s what I think ... )
  11. The server in the screenshot was blocked by me several hours before I tried it.... and I exited the game and started new
  12. Hi , so i tested geo filtering - seemed to work for a while but then I got again connected to a blocked server... or am I misunderstanding something here ?
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