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  1. Interesting. All information I found indicated LAN to LAN. I have tried this and run into the same issue. The R2 does not detect a WAN IP. At this point none of the R2 features function. If you can help me get the R2 setup such that it thinks it has a WAN IP downstream of the Linksys we may be in business. Thanks.
  2. A downstream router is a new endeavor for me. Google revealed things I did not know: Research indicates the R2 as a downstream router will result in a "double NAT'd" situation meaning I will not be able to establish an open NAT state for gaming. This endeavor may be a fools errand giving what we are trying to accomplish. The edge firewall, the Linksys is on the .77 subnet. It's IP is set to The R2 must be on a different subnet, so it was reset as if I was going to use it as the only router for the network. It's IP is now set to Research indicates the two routers are connected Linksys LAN to R2 LAN not Linksys LAN to R2 WAN as I'd originally thought. Although I have internet access from the R2 in this configuration, the R2 does not have a WAN IP, so the geo filtering, ping heatmap, connection benchmark (and likely other features I've not yet tried) are not functional. Although not ideal, I can live with the R2 on a different subnet or "network" as the rest of the house. I'd much prefer all devices on the same network. However, it appear the R2 will not function as desired when it's a downstream router. Also, if I'm unable to establish an open NAT state for gaming, it's not going to meet the need. I do hope we can get this to work. Please advise. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Liam! I'm excited about it as well. It will be this weekend before I can do this. I'll update as I'm able. Thanks again.
  4. Nothing known. Just as I was finishing up work tonight internet and LAN went down again. Was unable to browse to the UI. Power cycled it and got in. The log was captured as soon as I could. A few lines may be of interest Thu Mar 4 00:36:54 2021 daemon.info procd: Instance ndhttpd::instance1 s in a crash loop 6 crashes, 0 seconds since last crash Thu Mar 4 00:36:54 2021 user.warn com.netdumasoftware.autoadmin: Invalid linedata '######################' Thu Mar 4 00:36:54 2021 user.warn com.netdumasoftware.autoadmin: Invalid linedata '#This is the experimental no duplicate ranges with dedicated experimental cut down version of the whitelist. In theory it should be much more efficient.' Thu Mar 4 00:36:54 2021 user.warn com.netdumasoftware.autoadmin: Invalid linedata '######################' Had my wife been home alone she may not have been able to deal with this and certainly would be highly annoyed. I'm sure you can understand, I can't have a router no matter how compelling the feature set if I can't rely on it for any length of time. I'm really getting to my limit on this. Here's my idea for a last ditch effort to get the benefit of this for gaming and not risk the unhappiness of my wife which is of the utmost importance to me. How about I disable DHCP & Wi-Fi on the R2 Make the R2 (with static IP of course) a client of my Linksys router letting it handle DHCP & Wi-Fi The Wi-Fi on the R2 is incredibly weak as others have pointed out. Basic reliability issues have kept me from bringing this up until now. Connect only my gaming PC & Xbox to the R2 If successful, this will allow me to have the geo-filtering of the R2 and the robustness that is my Linksys. If this is not possible, practical, or successful, I'll have to pursue the refund. I hope you say it's a great idea and very practical. Your thoughts? Thanks. log-1614839837367.txt
  5. Thanks Fraser. Had a WiFi dropout today. Changed the channel spacing I believe it's called from 80Mhz I think it is default to automatic and thus far, it seems to be performing better. The signal strength as others have attested to is sub par. Due to congestion, I have 2.4Ghz disabled on the R2. Now, a new question. My logs are fulling up with entries such as Wed Mar 3 15:42:35 2021 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan1: AP-STA-POSSIBLE-PSK-MISMATCH 14:ab:c5:a0:c6:16 Please find attached the current log file. Reboot appears to have no effect. I do not find this mac in the device manager, so I am wondering if there is a rogue device attempting to connect? Does the R2 support mac address filtering? I know I can block it from the device manager if it's connected. I've yet to find a way to explicitly block the potential rogue mac address. Time to go to work. Had to type this quickly. Please forgive readability and/or typos. Please advise. Thanks. log-1614807866176.txt
  6. We are currently up. Please review the attached log. I captured this as soon as it comes up. All bout about four lines are from the 25th. Interested to hear your thoughts. By the way, according to the log it appears the least time is 24 hours. Thanks. log-1614479068886.txt
  7. My service is dynamic. Interesting point. I called my ISP and the tier I person I spoke with was unable to tell me IP lease time. Why the disabling IPv6? I've read it on the forums others have noticed disabling IPv6 actually fails to disable IPv6. Saw this on the original R2 as well. Giving #2 R2 another go. Update to follow.
  8. I will re-deploy the #2 R2 tonight and see what I can get out of it. Regarding physical setup, very plain. The ISP is Cox. It's cable. The cable enters the house, connects to the modem: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ITIXYR0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 That's pretty much it. Nothing fancy. Please note, putting the Linksys back into this setup instantly restores reliable internet connectivity. So, we know it's not anything up to the R2. All components/infrastructure behind the R2 modem, coax cable, ISP as well as my ethernet cables used in front of the R2 are performing consistently well with the Linksys router, so I call them all known good. Yes, all physical connections are secure. If you recall as part of our troubleshooting the original R2, I'd actually replaced the modem. I've since learned it was not the issue. We went to quite the effort to isolate each component and have a great deal of confidence the issue lies with the R2 units. I'll update this thread later tonight when I can redeploy #2 R2. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Fraser, sorry, it's hectic with work toward the end of the week and life has been keeping me busy before work. Let me try to share more detail. Yesterday when I lost internet, my work laptop is connected via ethernet cable. My iPad/phone/personal laptop are Wi-Fi. All devices lost internet at the same time. We did that for the 2.4ghz band on the original R2. What I noticed via an analyzer tool is (in my opinion) the 2.4 band is quite congested in my neighborhood, so I'd shut off 2.4Ghz on the original and on the replacement R2 as well. Almost no other 5Ghz APs observed. At least from inside my house. So, we use that exclusively. Default credentials were changed to more longer, stronger credentials. No rogue devices were observed on the network. No power issues No storms No known ISP issues No issues regaining internet with the Linksys router no have I had any connectivity issues since. I was actually home alone at the time with only my devices active in my environment. No indication of any issues during the firmware upgrade process. I'm at work and have to type this quickly. Please forgive any typos or readability issues. What's next? Thanks.
  10. That was the done as it was provisioned and put into service. It was unboxed-->Initial setup was done-->Latest firmware update-->Factory reset-->Deployed-->Enjoyed for 6 or 7 days not 100% sure-->Just over 24 hours ago Tango-Uniform. What's next? Thanks.
  11. Thanks Liam. I will concede being a support forum, this is where I'd find trouble. That was rash of me. I apologize. I do want the features of the R2, if we can't solve the reliability issues, a refund would be greatly appreciated. I will not be able to do this today. I'm GMT -6. My wife is working remotely now 2:30 PM local. I go to work at 4 PM local until 12:30 AM Saturday morning. What do you suggest? Another reset? Please understand, I've gone through this many, many times with the original R2. I will tell you #2 R2 is much snappier in performance. The original unit is certainly sub par. So, please advise and should these attempts fail I will pursue the refund. Thank you for your understanding and patience. After 20 years in I.T. I certainly feel we are 60% councilors and 40% technicians.
  12. My initial R2 had issues from day 1 never actually performing as it should. A replacement R2 was provided approximately one week ago as of this writing. Initially, it appeared to perform as it should. It was noticeably a better performer. Now, don't get me wrong, I saw issues with it too that frankly I'm just too tired to detail at this time. As I began my work today at 4PM local, during our shift hand off call, the internet dropped. A reboot was tried from the UI which I was already logged into on my personal laptop. No effect. I pulled the power on it and the modem and brought them back up. No internet. As I was at work, I had no time to fool with it, so I put the Linksys back in service, again. It is becoming increasingly clear the R2 has significant issues. The forum is replete with reports of performance problems. Now, don't get me wrong, the geo filtering DOES WORK (as much as the R2 itself will allow this feature to be available to actually be used) AND IS FANTASTIC! However, I CANNOT depend on this device. My question is to the fine folks at NetDuma, what options do I have at this point? Forgive my bluntness, I'm tired and frustrated.
  13. Fraser I tried in good faith. The R2 became unresponsive tonight about 10 minutes before I was to get off work. Multiple reset attempts later via the hardware button as I was unable to get to the UI it would go through the setup wizard which I think the last screen is regarding to data collection. Agreeing to this it simply goes to a empty red wallpaper and the spinning curser. I waited on this I think three minutes, reset again, same result. At this point I finally gave up. I sincerely hope I simply have a failed R2 and the replacement will live up to what I see on YouTube. It's been a very frustrating experience, please believe me I did try very hard to avoid this. Following this post, I'll be reaching out to the address you shared with the link to this thread to begin the exchange process. Thanks for trying to help me avoid this hassle.
  14. Thanks. Shortly after I got up this morning, the router appears to have ceased functioning again. Could not browse to the UI. I was left with no choice to do a hard reset. Please note, all was well as of my last post on Wednesday. So where we are now: New router, hard reset R2. Should this go Tango-Uniform I'm calling it and will begin the replacement process.
  15. Thanks. I'm going to hold off on that for a time because I've replaced my modem. It was the last component to isolate in the house and I'm not yet ready to pass judgement. Very long day yesterday. Honestly I'm just too wore out to fool with it today. Please allow me a few days to see how things shake out. I don't want to exchange if I can avoid it. I'm sure the company doesn't want the cost of exchanging if the company can avoid it. I have no interest in abusing the system. I apologize for the frustration I'm no doubt causing you. I know what it's like being in I.T. myself for 20 years. I'll update this by Tuesday the 16th. Thanks.
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