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  1. Unknown. Need to play with it more. I have noticed with ping assist set to 28 I’m seen ping in the high 40’s at times. Typically I get low 30’s. The tech does work and my brother & I partied up Saturday night and could feel a difference in CoD on Shipment for sure. Not so much in other games of CoD that night. Overall it’s worth the price. I won 1v1 gunfights I’m confident I’d normally have lost. also, I was wrong about DNS not being pointed to my Pi-Hole. I rebuilt it and it’s working as expected. My apologies for asserting otherwise in the other thread. Technology will humble one in a hurry. Initially I was afraid I’d wasted my money. Now I see I need time to get to know it and get it dialed in. Thanks to all of you folks for bearing with me.
  2. If it were worse, I may. That appears to be more hassle than I want to deal with honestly.
  3. Thanks. That does appear to be effective for the PC. The Xbox on the other hand I've not yet figured that out.
  4. BitDefender wants an exe. Of course the URL isn't going to work this is for demonstration purposes. I'll disable this entirely. Counted off the load/render time for the dashboard at about nine seconds. Please tell me this is not normal. The Rapps crashing frequently are really annoying me. Please advise. NOTE: This is consistent on both PC and laptop. Browser makes no difference I can tell.
  5. As this is strictly a gaming PC, I have the Windows firewall disabled. I was however running with the BitDefender firewall enabled. It has been disabled currently for testing. Can you please be more specific about the interface, what am I looking for to whitelist? The R2 IP?
  6. I'm not seeing this. Might you be able to share a screenshot please? Thanks.
  7. Another issue I'm finding with the R2 is overriding DNS to my DNS advertising Sinkhole server AdGuard https://adguard.com/en/welcome.html is not working as expected. I say this because when doing so ads still appear on yahoo.com for example. As I cannot use both IPv4 and IPv6 in the DNS override I disable IPv6 on my network adapter in my gaming PC and yet ads still appear. I manually enter the ip of the AdGuard server and no ads appear. This is confirmed on iPad as well. Evidence indicates this functionality is not working as expected. This is unacceptable. This configuration has been in place on my network for over a year with no issues from other router brands. Please note, for troubleshooting the other issues, DNS override is not used to eliminate AdGuard interfering. My hope is exchanging the product will result in proper functionality and a noticeable improvement to gaming performance. Please advise.
  8. I've read the manual on geo filtering and it appears to be as simple as setting a home location. It does not address polygon mode. I've done the ping heatmap and the three areas I've defined are where the 19 - 23ms servers are located for CoD Modern Warfare. As you can see in the video, before and during the game, the geo filter map appears to be displaying very little or nothing at times if I recall. Please watch the video. The ping I"m seeing in the game is consistent with what I'd see in my old Linksys router. I'm not noticing any difference in performance. According to the manual, it should be noticeable. This further makes me suspect along with the UI performance issues I'm seeing suspect my unit is not performing as it should. As soon as the video finishes uploading to YouTube I'll edit it into this post. It's possible I'm not doing it correctly of course. Please review the video carefully once it's posted and advise. Thanks. Edit: added video.
  9. Sorry, don't yet understand Manual option. Working with this now and will report back. Thanks. Flushing cloud first per your suggestion.
  10. Thank you. Is this what you wanted? I can't select all the default Rapps, should I be choosing a specific set of them?
  11. I've re-enabled remote access to tech support. Please investigate my R2. Its performance after work tonight as I was working on various hosts and needing to frequently access the UI is really beginning to frustrate me. The Rapps are often failing. I've rebooted, tried different hosts and browsers. I just can't imagine people consider this normal performance. I'd like to discuss an exchange please. Thanks.
  12. I've selected as many as I can and set it to the background. Then I started at the bottom network settings I think it is and went one at a time up the left side letting it fully load (some I've not yet used) and then opened it up and took this screenshot. Is this what you wanted?
  13. Sure. I’m working currently. I’ll get to this as soon as I can.
  14. The reset itself was painless. The performance appears unchanged. The dashboard takes about nine seconds to fully render after the initial load of about 30 seconds. Is this the level of performance I should expect from the R2 on the latest firmware? If so, that's certainly disappointing. If not, what else can we try? Thanks.
  15. This appears to be in any game I try that's on the list. I may not yet know how to use the feature, so I'll keep trying and asking questions.
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