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  1. @Netduma Fraser The resolution is (2560 × 1600) on a 13.3 inch screen
  2. @Netduma Fraser It's set to 100. When you adjust it, it'l show a normal graph for like a second before reverting back to this.
  3. I've noticed this weird rendering under Network Monitor and wanted to let you all know. This is on Google Chrome on an M1 MacBook. I was looking to track the usage of download/upload of all my devices on the network to see if I have any bandwidth hogs.
  4. Hey Fraser, Thank you for your response. I'll try turning off the Geo-Filter off next time I play. I should only have DMZ on if I decide to play this game, since DMZ might cause security issues correct? Thanks.
  5. Hi y'all, For those of you that play Ghost of Tsushima I'm having this issue when I'm trying to play with a friend on the NetDuma R2. I did notice that on CoD: MW that my NAT type says Open when I play with my Xfi Modem/Router combo. When I use the R2 I notice that it shifts to Moderate on CoD. I figure it must be a NAT thing because when I play Ghost through the Xfi gear, I can invite and play with the friend. On the R2 it won't let us connect. I have UPnP enabled on the R2 and disabled on the XFi. Has anybody else figured out how to get around this issue? I don't know if it means much, but me and this same person can play Apex, Rogue Company, and I believe Rocket League together with no issue through the R2. I haven't tried recently, but I also noticed that I couldn't play Drop Ins on Fifa 21 through the R2 as well. Thanks.
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