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  1. Cali, I'm trying to test all servers just for a video to prove that routers don't cause bot lobbies in warzone. But it seems even after i ping current warzone servers I cant connect to certain servers and have to expand the range for some reason but on my Cali server i dont have to do that. makes no sense i would have to do that for east servers or midwest servers. should be enough players. Could you show me a graph or screenshot of some things I could try?
  2. I'm on PC and I already did that.
  3. I'm the party leader and It's not finding any games. Can you give me good setup for optimal lobbies.
  4. When I set filter and I’m solo it’s fine, but if I’m in party and host it takes forever to find a game or doesn’t find one at all and filter isn’t that strong and same as solos. am I doing something wrong?
  5. Any advanced settings I should apply to improve my wifi signal. The wifi dropping even in the same room as the router. I have split bands so I could connect bedrooms to 2.4 GHz for better range and no difference. It is still off and on every 5-10 minutes buffering if not more.
  6. Just got a NetDuma router and installed this update and my wifi is still disconnecting after 5 minutes.
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