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  1. I just put my modem wifi into bridge mode and hooked up my new netgear ac1900 router to it and did the whole QoS and man my games run alot smoother now. But I'm still waiting on my Netdumar R2 to get here and mess around with it.
  2. Hello, I like playing alot of call of duty and recently moved to Alaska. I'm guessing there are no gaming servers near here. The closest one is in Washington I believe. Is there anyone here that lives in Alaska and has the Netduma R2 or similar that's has had good games by it. I'm kind of disappointed with me dying so quickly in Cold War and knowing I would win gun battles most of the time. Will this gaming router help to connect fairly well or atleast to a good gaming server. It kind of sucks living far away, well for gaming only ofcourse. Thanks in advance gaming bros.
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