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  1. the gooal is to find out if players with moderate nat type are getting overall easier lobbies because someway sbmm is lesser because of nat type. or at least that is the theory so im trying to test lobbies based on my nat type so im trying to go from open into moderate.
  2. i have open nat type and i know thats usually the goal but im testing some lobby variations for tournament organizers and 1 topic that came up was moderate nat type vs open. So if i could switch mine from open to moderate that would be a great help.
  3. after testing console I believe just keeping the desktop selected instead of console. I was having an extremely difficult time finding games in specific regions once i enabled geofilter. Went back to desktop and finding matches immediately.
  4. ill test that out today. and what i posted is what i see everytime i start up but usually i geo to miami,atlanta and virginia.
  5. For example this doesn't show a dedicated server in Atlanta, Casper WY and Minneapolis...all which i have gotten warzone games in.
  6. What you should do is go to ping heat map. Then test all the servers and see which ones are easier. 😉
  7. Weird question here why wouldn’t u just make a polygon of southern Florida? Lol
  8. You can you just gotta test all the servers and find a server that has worse ppl new software came out this past month for warzone that tells you the lobby kd and players in each lobby it’s really cool software actually.
  9. Yea it’s really sad. On twitter I argue with people almost daily because they have no clue they just shame ppl and talk utter nonsense
  10. Just curious on how y’all get the server locations why only certain ones popup. For example I turn on warzone and I see a server in Seattle, Cali, Chicago, Witchita, Miami, and Dallas but then I turn on geo filter on the east coast and I connect to Miami, Atlanta, Virginia, and New York. Why are some hidden? Thanks
  11. Sahvage


    its interesting but makes sense if you think about it. cod prioritizes their sbmm servers over ping. so i live in NC but i ping KC, Dallas, and Seattle before i Ping a non SBMM server like Miami which is the closest server to me
  12. Sahvage

    discord issues

    wow worked great stuff thanks
  13. Sahvage

    discord issues

    sorry i might have misworded it. when i turn on geo filtering and then try to use voice chat on discord i get rtc connecting and then no route, but if i turn it off it immediately connects and i can talk. I have also noticed recently that sometimes we have to leave discord to find games and then when we find one we have to reconnect to discord chat. idn if discord has something that is blocking geo filtering or something its just odd.
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