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  1. Thanks @mannrs. Telstra don't seem to be able to tell me what orders I have open/outstanding, and they do not show on my account. I do already have the LH1000 set up in bridge mode and connected to the Technicolor, so I can get wifi throughout the house. Most gaming will be through wired connection to the LH1000 Hopefully Telstra can sort it soon! slightly frustrating
  2. Tried to turn on again and it keeps resetting to off, looking forward to getting this working!
  3. Thanks. I have noticed overnight my firmware has been updated to: 18.1.c.0543-950-RA
  4. Hi Team I am unable to enable the Game Optimiser on this modem, and I do not have the Game Optimiser icon when I go to the web interface on the modem. Serial: CP2016RA3DE Firmware Vn: 18.1.c.0347-950-RC Technicolor DJA0231 Are you able to help me with understanding how I can enable this? I do also have a 2nd Telstra modem, the Arcadyan LH1000, if that is any better?
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