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  1. When using auto set up, it reduces both to 1%. It seems when I reduce it, it limits my internet all together.
  2. There was an improvement with my internet as a whole but not for gameplay
  3. Share Excess is not disabled. should it be? Yes, all devices are connected.
  4. also there is only one good server for CODCW in my area.
  5. When I bring the congestion percentage down, it limits my connection with the ps4 and doesn't seem to fix the issue. regardless of if I have the congestion control high or low it doesn't seem to share the remaining bandwidth to the other devices and the wifi connection on my phone is slower than ever and I increase my bandwidth with my service provider since buying the NetdumaR2.
  6. I have followed the tour to the best I understand. I know that there may be something i may have missed.
  7. I have recently purchased the Netduma R2. I am excited about the product but I dont seem to have a difference in my connection. while playing COD looking at replace it seems that my gameplay still lags. Some hit markers are not ever registering and every so often I have players glitch. I have my PS4 prioritized to receive 300mps of download bandwidth and 10mps upload. I want to get the experience I heard so much about and convinced me to buy the product. this is my first gaming router. Please help.
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